Book Review: The Glass Lake

Joseph will be happy to see this post because this one took up a good share of my spare minutes and he was starting to feel neglected 😉

The Glass Lake
By Maeve Binchy
757 pages
Finished 1/15/08


Night after night the beautiful woman walked beside the serene waters of Lough Glass. Until the day she disappeared, leaving only a boat drifting upside down on the unfathomable lake that gave the town its name. Ravishing Helen McMahon, the Dubliner with the film-star looks and unfulfilled dreams, never belonged in Lough Glass, not the way her genial pharmacist-husband Martin belonged, or their spirited daughter Kit. Suddenly she is gone, and Kit is haunted by the memory of her mother, seen through a window alone at a kitchen table, tears streaming down her face. Now Kit, too, has secrets: of the night she discovered a letter on Martin’s pillow and burned it, unopened. The night her mother was lost. The night everything changed forever….

If you’ve read anything by Maeve Binchy before, you know that she has a way of drawing you into the lives of her characters and making you feel a part of the story, and The Glass Lake is no exception. In it, Binchy weaves a tale of lies, deception, heartache, forgiveness, and redemption. The story covers many years of the life of Kit McMahon, beginning when she was just twelve years old, as well as the lives of her family, friends, and the residents of the small town of Lough Glass. You watch at Kit grows from a child grieving the loss of her mother to a confident young woman harboring a huge secret. As the web of lies and deception begins to unravel, Kit learns about love and forgiveness in a way that she could never have imagined.

I REALLY enjoyed The Glass Lake. There are so many stories within the story, and while there are dozens of characters to follow, Binchy writes in such a way that you never get lost. It’s not a fast-paced novel, but there is always a twist or discover around the corner to keep you turning the pages.  This one definately gets my recommendation!

 2008 page count:  1082


3 Responses to “Book Review: The Glass Lake”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I’m always looking for a good book! I haven’t read her before- will have to go pick it up. Thanks!

  2. Patty Wilcox Says:

    I have read a few of her books, she is a pretty good author. I will have to try and find that one at the library.

  3. Becky Hansen Says:

    I had to do some catching up on your blog. I am always looking for a good book. I am reading Twilight right now and love it.

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