The Potty Chronicles

As I mentioned in a recent post, it’s been nearly 18 months since we started the process of potty training Ryan, and I have to laugh at myself for thinking I couldn’t handle 3 kids in diapers. Like I had a choice 😆 . It hasn’t been an all-the-time, on-going thing, but we’ve been trying get him independent for a long time. He’s always been pretty good to go if we take him, but he never initiates. I finally let him start running around naked (for a long time, I was totally opposed to this method….I was sure I’d be hunting down puddles of pee all over my house) and amazingly enough, something clicked and he started taking himself to the potty. He’s never had an accident when he’s been naked, which tells me that he understands the urge to go and can hold it until he gets to the potty. But, as soon as I put underwear on him, it’s like he forgets everything.

This weekend, he decided he wanted to go swimming. The local pools won’t allow kids who still need swim diapers (thank you, cryptosporidium), so we told him that he could go swimming if he could stay dry in underwear and use the potty. I made a sticker chart with pictures of him swimming and told him that when it was full of stickers, he’d get to swim. He’s been so excited and loves going to the potty….but only if we take him. He hasn’t initiated anything once since Saturday. We’ve had many accidents, but he did make it through church Sunday. I took a big risk and sent him to school yesterday in underwear, and he did just fine! I’m not sure if we’re well on our way to being diaper-free just yet, but it does give me a glimmer of hope.

Even if it takes him 6 more months to get there, the kid is smart. I sent him to the potty yesterday and when he was taking longer than I thought he should I went to check on him. When I got to the bathroom, he was beaming….”I get to go swimming!!!” he exclaimed. There he stood, next to his sticker chart…the one that just minutes earlier had only a handful of stickers on it was now completely full. The stinker!


6 Responses to “The Potty Chronicles”

  1. Lorie Says:

    Potty training no fun at all. That is too cute though!

  2. Dawn Says:

    LOL, that’s cute! Yeah potty training is the worst. Hopefully it’ll be over for you for another year or two soon!

  3. Alison Says:

    I just hate doing the potty training. Kyle learned pretty quick which means that I will probably have my hands full with Connor. I hope that it will go more smoothly in the future.

  4. Em Says:

    I can totally picture him putting those stickers on!

  5. Patty Wilcox Says:

    That is too funny! Potty training isn’t fun. Last night we forgot to put a diaper on Lilly (she wears panties during the day) and she wet her bed at midnight. Down Comforter and all.

  6. Nat Says:

    I hate the potty training thing too! Lauryn thinks she needs to go potty every 5 seconds, she’s still in a diaper, but is constantly taking it off. Guess i need to just buckle down and try to potty train her! Good luck.

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