Book Review: Finding Noel

Well, I guess short books while you’re waiting for your library hold to come in just might get me to my goal…this is the second one this week, and I was able to finish it in one day. I just LOVE Richard Paul Evans, and even though this one is technically a Christmas story, the snow outside made it OK to read in January!

Finding Noel
By Richard Paul Evans
300 pages
Finished 1/23/08

“There are stories, Christmas stories that are stored away like boxes of garlands and frosted glass ornaments, to be brought out and cherished each year. I’ve come to believe that my story is a Christmas story. For it has forever changed the way I see Christmas.” The Christmas season is supposed to be full of joy, but not for Mark Smart. Life had dealt him one body blow after another: he lost his scholarship and had to drop out of school; his beloved mother had died in a car crash; his girlfriend dumped him, and now, late on a snowy night in November, his car had broken down. Stumbling into a coffee house, he was looking for a phone to call a tow truck. What he found was a beautiful young woman with an unusual name who, through a simple act of kindness, changed his life forever. Macy Wood had little memory of her birth parents, and memories she’d rather forget of her adopted home. A Christmas ornament inscribed with the word “Noel” was the only clue to the little sister she only vaguely remembered, a clue that would send her, and Mark on a journey to reclaim her past, and her family.

Finding Noel is a really tender little story. It made me want to run out and snatch up all the little foster kids out there and give them the love they deserve. Another easy read (are you noticing a trend with the types of books I like??), this simple story is one of love and discovery after overcoming what might seem to be unbeatable odds. The Christmas element isn’t very strong, so it’s one I’d recommend any time of year!

I’m at my mom’s this week, so unless I can find another short book on her shelves to fill my time, I’ll have to take a break on my reading until next week….and hopefully by then my library book will be in!

2008 Page Count: 1594


5 Responses to “Book Review: Finding Noel”

  1. Lorie Says:

    I read this book last Christmas and really like it.

  2. Lorie Says:

    Jenn, I have given you some awards on my blog, come see!

  3. Sarah Says:

    I love Richard Paul Evans books- AND Nicholas Sparks. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Sarah A Says:

    I want to know when you find all this time to read though!

  5. Michelle Says:

    I loved this book and couldn’t put it down. Richard Paul Evans is a very good author!

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