President Gordon B. Hinckley has passed away

I’m sure that the news has spread quickly here in Utah, but many of my blogging friends outside of the state might not have heard yet that President Hinckley passed away tonight.  Being 97 years old, I’m sure most of us knew that his time would come to an end soon, but it is still always a shock to hear this kind of news.   Ryan just saw the picture I posted here and said “President Hinckley”.  It’s sad to me that he won’t have a memory of one of my favorite prophets….though when I told him that President Hinckley went to Heaven tonight, he replied “Yeah, he’s being reverent”. 

I’m sure in the next few days there will be plenty to read and remember about the legacy that President Hinckley has left behind, and I know that he will be greatly missed.


2 Responses to “President Gordon B. Hinckley has passed away”

  1. Kara Says:

    I hadn’t even thought of my kids not growing up with a memory of him 😦 It is so sad, he has been the only prophet I’ve known because I joined the church in 1995, so it will seem so odd not having him lead us.

  2. Marianne Says:

    Emily Lara’s response to the idea that Pres. Hinckley went to live with Heavenly Father again was, “Did he have something to tell Him?” 🙂 Yep, I’m sure he had lots of things to tell Heavenly Father! I’m sure that was a great reunion too.

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