It’s 9:30….

And Ryan is still sleeping.  That’s pretty much unheard of around here.  He started getting sick yesterday and had a fever by bedtime.  I haven’t taken his temp yet today, but he still feels pretty warm.  He definately won’t be going to school today (cross your fingers that he’s better by Wednesday…he won’t want to miss the V-day party) and hopefully he’s feeling crappy enough to lay on the couch and watch movies.  Wait….that sounds mean.  I don’t want him to feel crappy, but if he is going to feel crappy, I hope it’s the kind of crappy that keeps him down most of the day and not the kind of crappy that keeps him following me around the house all day complaining that he doesn’t feel well enough to play.   I’m lucky that my kids take after me and don’t throw up when they are sick.  That would make for a crappy, crappy day.


6 Responses to “It’s 9:30….”

  1. Emily Says:

    Joe (and co),

    You’re on my blog now! Thanks for coming to check it out. So this scenerio is pretty much exactly what I’m going through with Marri and Sophie today. At this moment they are laying watching Super Why and I keep going in to ask if Marri feels better, or still rotten. Still rotten. And Sophie has taken off her footie pjs because she is too hot. I hate sick kids. I honestly wish I could somehow suck it out of them like the dementor’s suck out life. Oh well. 🙂 Here’s wishing for a speedy recovery for both our fams!

    Emily 🙂

  2. Dawn Says:

    Awww, Poor Ryan! I agree on the “if you have to be sick” sentiments, the extra sleep is nice.

  3. Em Says:

    Hope he feels better–I know all about not wanting to miss the V-day party at school!!!

  4. Mikelle Says:

    I feel ya on kids need to watch tv when they are sick–it’s my saving grace!!

  5. becky Hansen Says:

    I love when Brayden is sick because he just lays around all day. I try not to let him get sick but when he does I definetly like it because he cuddles and he lets me get lots of things done. I hope he starts feeling better soon. It is no fun to be sick on hollidays

  6. Alison Says:

    I know what you mean. Kyle’s preschool was going to Cold Stone for a field trip. He looked really pale this morning and said his tummy hurt but that he was alright to get ice cream. I grabbed a plastic bag at the last minute thank goodness because on the car ride to the ice cream place he threw up. Then he was so upset that he couldn’t get any ice cream. The joys of motherhood. I’m sure Connor will be next.

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