Sick Babies Update

What a weekend!  We spent most of it holding sick babies and sucking out snotty noses.  Owen & Emmy were both pretty miserable all weekend. The doctor prescribed a machine to help suction out their noses, but it was never delivered.  I wasn’t able to reach anybody at the doctor’s office on the weekend, and by yesterday, they were both perking up a bit, so I figured we could do without it.  But, after Emmy woke up from her afternoon nap, she wasn’t feeling good at all.  By 6:00, we decided we needed to take her up the RSV clinic at the hospital.   Her oxygen sats were at 82….waaaaay too low.  So, they suctioned her out and she went up to 96.  So, the poor thing just couldn’t breath!  They checked Owen while we were there as well.  He was in the low 90’s….after the suction he went down into the low 80’s, which is opposite of what we expected to have happen.  We finally got him to 90, which is right on the border of needing to be admitted.   We were glad we took them in, and I called first thing this morning to find out why the machine hasn’t been delivered yet so that we didn’t have a repeat of yesterday and end up back at the hospital.  There was a miscommunication between the doctor and the nurse and it was never ordered.  Hopefully it will be here in the next hour to two.

Both babies are looking pretty good today.  They’ve been sleeping well, which makes a huge difference (for them and for us!).  They both ate fairly well this morning, and while they still aren’t having a ton of wet diapers, we aren’t as concerned about dehydration right now.  So, I think we’re on the up and up.  Hopefully.  I hate to count my chickens before  they’ve hatched…..that backfired on me yesterday!


5 Responses to “Sick Babies Update”

  1. Beth Says:

    Wow, how scary for you guys — but I’m glad they seem to be on the mend.
    Thinking about you and hoping they get well SOON!!

  2. Sarah A Says:

    Oh man! I can’t imagine how rough this must be for you guys! I’m glad they seem to be perking up- I hope it continues!

  3. Nat Says:

    That is awful to have two sick babies, one is bad enough! Wish we were closer and could help you out with something. Glad they seem to be doing a little better though. Good luck.

  4. Abi Hassinger Says:

    So not fun. We will definitely keep them in our prayers. Good Luck!!

  5. Ann Says:

    There is nothing worse than having to watch those oxygen levels and that constant fear that it’s not high enough, we’ve definitely been there. But we never had it with TWO babies at once! Hang in there, we’re thinking of you, and we hope they continue to get better quickly!

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