Goodbye 70’s!!

The Great Remodel of 2008 is now underway!  Today we said goodbye to the beautiful rock that surrounded the fireplace.  Well, not totally goodbye….Joseph saved it in hopes of making a little path in the yard somewhere.  I’m not counting on that one, but we’ll see.  We talked to a guy at a fireplace supply store today and walked a way feeling a bit more confident about what we want to do with the fireplace.  We had no idea what was in store for us when we tore out the rock, but things look good and it *hopefully* won’t be quite as big a project as we first thought (though it might cost a bit more….we didn’t have a clue what to budget for it).  I know Joseph has plans (though I won’t vouch for how solid they are) to blog about our projects step-by-step, so I won’t give details here.  I will try to at least post a few pictures of our progress for you to enjoy though!


4 Responses to “Goodbye 70’s!!”

  1. Mel Says:

    YIKES!!! I bet that was fun to tear it up…..putting things back together might not be so entertaining. Can’t wait to see the progress…..whenever it happens:)

  2. Alison Says:

    You guys are the remodle king and queen. I think that if I need something done at my house I will give you guys a call. I hope it turns out great for you.

  3. Tammy J Says:

    hey at least you have a fireplace!! 😉 In our house we just bought, it doesn’t have one, I will be getting a fake one, one of these days!! We will be remodeling much of our house too, we can be remodeling buddies!! 🙂

  4. Em Says:

    Very impressive work! Who would have thought it would have come off so nicely? Can’t wait to see what you have planned for it.

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