How will I ever choose?


My talented friend Tammy took some awesome pictures of our family this weekend!  I’m SO happy with how they turned out and I’ll be itching to get all the home projects done so I can display them on my walls!  The looks she captured of Owen are so “him” and, in spite of Emmy’s terrible stranger anxiety (that’s only a good thing if it’s really a stranger!), she got some cute serious shots of her. Ryan was surprisingly cooperative for the most part and I just love everything she got of him.  If you want to take a peak at the proofs, they can be seen HERE, and if you’d like to look into booking a session for youself, check out her website! Thank you SOOOO much Tammy! I’m in love with every shot!


9 Responses to “How will I ever choose?”

  1. Halo Says:

    those are some super cute pictures, jenn. i’d have a hard time choosing, too.

  2. EmWJ Says:

    So cute! How will you ever choose? You guys look awesome and darling and Rob says, “Joe looks so distinguished, why can’t I go bald faster?” And he’s not kidding, he really thinks people take you more seriously.

  3. Tammy J Says:

    Oh Jenn!! I am glad you are liking them!! 🙂 But, I am sooo not even done yet!! LOL
    And I would have to say that you have the most adorable family ever!! And even if Owen and Emmy didn’t smile, we got some priceless expressions! 🙂
    I am sure you didn’t refresh your screen a 100 times today, now did you??!! 😉
    And good thing you don’t have to only choose the ones you really want, cuz you get all of them!! But choosing what to hang on your walls is a whole ‘nother story!! hehe

  4. Beth Says:

    They are simply stunning!!! I just love Tammy’s work!

  5. Stacey Says:

    Those are darling pics! Great job Tammy. 🙂

  6. Lorie Says:

    Those are really nice pictures. i could never chose either!

  7. Emily B. Says:

    They are amazing. I too would have a hard time choosing which ones to hang on the wall as they all are super cute. WTG Tammy, now if only I could find a photographer here in OK that was as talented as her we woudl be set!

  8. Joseph Says:

    Emily Jensen – You can tell Rob that I’ll give him a duplicate of my hair-do any day of the week 🙂

  9. Em Says:

    Wow!!! They’re so incredibly cute that even I want some to hang on my wall : ) You look so beautiful–did you highlight your hair, oh, and how did you get it to curl? I love the pictures of you holding Emmy. And Owen’s facial expressions are great!! Ryan is so grown up in those pictures. Can’t wait to see them printed and hanging on your no-long-demolished walls!

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