Oh, to be on a plane to Hawaii….

I’m exhausted today.  I could really use some R&R in a place far away…..like Hawaii.  Or China.  Doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s far away.  I had great plans to get out of the house and run some much needed errands, but it didn’t happen.  First, we had a new garage door installed, so I had to be home for a few hours while that was done.  Then, it was raining.  Who wants to take three kids out into the rain?  Not me.   Owen was his usual cranky self today, and he must have passed his secret across the nursery to Emmy this morning:  “Psst!  Hey….I know which of mom’s buttons to push today….wanna help?”.  Apparently she fell for it, because they’ve both really been on one today.  Ryan’s been relatively good, but once he gets wound up, it’s hard to reign him back in.  We’ve got half of the living room blocked off due to the fireplace mess, and the kids are just tired of having such a small space to play in…..and I’m tired of listening to them whine about it.  Joseph has to go out with the missionaries tonight, so I don’t even get any help when he gets home.  Thank goodness it’s Friday (that’s what we call Thursdays around here because Joseph doesn’t work on Fridays)….it if were Monday, I’d definately be out of here! 


3 Responses to “Oh, to be on a plane to Hawaii….”

  1. melanie Says:

    I am with you…Hawaii would cure our problems too. We need to find some rich relatives who want to take everyone to Hawaii for a month with our own personal nannies.
    Hope the weather gets better, your front room gets put back together, the kids forget how to cry, and your find a million dollars under a couch cushion.

  2. Cynthia Says:

    I hear you – the kids are so anxious for spring weather and the opportunity to get out of the house. I hope it’s a great weekend for all of you. Did Joseph tell you that Jonathan asked me the other day if he could watch the Ryan show? I guess he thinks that all his cousins should have a show so he can see them. But – we’ve got a better plan – We’ll just move closer….We love you guys!

  3. Nat Says:

    I had quite the rough week as well! I hate when you are just looking forward to husbands coming home and then they either have to work late like mine, or have other obligations! The warm weather better come back real soon!!! Especially for next weekend and the easter egg hunt, are you guys coming down?

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