Nearly caught up!

Owen and Emmy had their last visit with the infant development nurse today!  They still have a couple of areas of caution, but they are making good enough progress that she doesn’t need to come back again.   They’ll see the developmental specialist at the hospital again in about a month, but they’ve already made some good progress on the skills they wanted us to work on, so we’re hopeful that we won’t have to see them again after that. 

 Last weekend at the Easter egg hunt was the first time that Emmy was able to stand on her own for more than a split second.  The dev. specialist wants them to be able to stand unsupported for 3 seconds by the time we go back next month, and Emmy’s easily able to do that now….she may even be able to take a step or two by then.  Owen is just starting to try to let go of things when standing, and I imagine that he’ll have mastered the 3 second goal by our next visit too.  Their other motor skills are just fine, so if we can master this walking thing soon they’ll pretty much be completely caught up!


3 Responses to “Nearly caught up!”

  1. jami Says:

    That is so good to hear!! Baby’s are amazing, they can have such a ruff start in life, and then by the time they are one, you would never guess that they had problems as an infant. I am hoping for the best with whatever situation that I am delt!!

  2. Whitney Says:

    That’s great! Love the new layout too, so springy and cute!

  3. Em Says:

    Congrats on the progress! They are doing so well : )

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