Weekend Warriors

It’s amazing to me how much more we can get done with Joseph not working Fridays!  Projects on the old house seemed to take FOREVER, and then I remember that we were juggling work and school back then.  The bathroom last year seemed to take FOREVER, but that might have been due to Joseph’s reluctance to give into my vision for what I wanted it to be.  The projects this time seem to be coming along quite quickly, which is good because 100 square foot living is not for me.  We invited ourselves over to the Fausett’s last night just to get out of the house and have some room to move!

 We dropped a lot of money on Friday and didn’t come home with a single thing…..but the French doors and hardwood floors have been ordered and paid for!  The door should be ready on Wednesday and the price on it came in at a little over $400 LESS than what we estimated–YAY!!  So, that’s next weekend’s project.  I CAN NOT WAIT to have those hideous curtains and the awful sliding glass door gone!  We also priced out balusters for the railing and are pretty sure we know what we’ll get for that project. 

Joseph spent most of Saturday tearing out  the north wall and consolidating the switches and outlets.  That was a project that took quite a bit longer than he had hoped and he’ll have to spend what few evenings we have free this week trying to get the sheetrock back up.  He also put in a new doorbell.  I had forgotten that we had taken the old one out and found it odd when I could see my visiting teachers standing on our porch but not ringing the doorbell and taking forever to knock.  And then the mailman didn’t ring the doorbell when he left a package (it was my pictures Tammy, and they look GREAT!!).  And then the infant development nurse did just like my VT did and stood there forever without ringing the bell.  It was then that I finally had a DUH moment and realized that the doorbell didn’t work and I hadn’t put anything outside saying to knock.  OOPS!!

It’s nothing too exciting to look at because it just looks like a mess, but here are a couple of pictures!

Floor demo

Blast from the past….had this beautiful linoleum greeted us when we first looked at this house, we may not have bought it!

Wall demo

This is pretty much where we left off late Saturday night. Hopefully that will all be sheetrocked by the weekend!


One Response to “Weekend Warriors”

  1. Em Says:

    Pretty scary looking. You’ve been making amazing progress.

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