Lots of stuff

This has been a stressful weekend for me.  We’ve had tight schedules to work around, and Joseph has miraculously finished all his work in the alloted time frames.  We got the French doors put in, minus the hardware.  I’ve been to Lowe’s once and Home Depot twice, had items in my cart, and left without buying anything all three times.  I want to make sure that the handles I choose are really what I want…because not only will they be on the new French door, but all of the bedroom, bathroom, and closet doors as well.  And I just wasn’t happy with the selection.  So, after I take Ryan to preschool on Monday, I’ll be spending the afternoon at Stock trying to price out door hardware (and getting a final quote on the balusters, so that I can compare to an online supplier I have found that has called me twice already to see if they can give me the best price).  I’m really crossing my fingers that what I want is in-stock so that we don’t have to live with newspaper shoved in the door handle holes while we wait for an order to come in.  Even though it’s not finished off and the stickers are still on it, it’s amazing the difference it makes!  Just having those heavy drapes down opens the room up and makes it feel larger….and I love having the blinds inside of the glass–a must-have when you’ve got curious little creatures roaming around your house.  Here’s a couple of before and after pics:

In the meantime, we bought one of those cool iRobot Roomba vacuums on Woot last week.  It came on Thursday and I’m already in love with it.  Nothing like programming your vacuum to start on it’s own while you sit back and watch TV and eat your snack food of choice while your chores are done for you.  Talk about lazy!  The boys think it is the coolest thing ever, but it scares Emmy to death!  Having my house in such a mess has put me on edge lately, so at least my new little gadget gives me a bit more control over how clean things are right now!

And, as if things weren’t making me crazy enough, I decided that I was finally ready to do something with the barstools we bought nearly two years ago when we moved here.  I was waffling between staining or painting them, and I finally settled somewhere in between.  IKEA makes a stain that is more like watered down paint.  Since the paint color I’ve chosen for the walls is fairly neutral, I wanted to get some nice pops of color in somewhere, and the stools became my victims!  It was a pretty simple process, made more difficult by those curious creatures I mentioned earlier, but they are all finally done!

 Perhaps this next little bit belongs in another post, but that’s just more work for me, so here you have it.  The first picture was quite a surprise to us.  Owen is a pretty cautious little guy–the complete opposite of his siblings  So, we were rather shocked when we found him on the bar, having climbed out of his seat.  Guess it’s time to start strapping them in now!

 And, this one is of Emmy’s completely adorable hair!  During my pregnancy, I had really hoped that she’d get the natural curl genes from both sides of our family, but both babies were born with straight hair.  Then, Owen’s started to curl, and now it’s pretty kinky.  I was bummed that it was his hair that was going curly and not hers, but as hers has grown it has shown a bit of curl, and in the last week it has really started to spring up.  I’m not sure if it will last forever, but it’s darn cute right now!


5 Responses to “Lots of stuff”

  1. Halo Says:

    now all you have to do is move to florida so that her curls are around all the time! nate has curls, too, when his hair is not cropped short. and since they showed up when he finally got hair (at nearly 2 years!) i know they’ll stick around. if only it wasn’t easier to deal with his hair short, he’d actually get to show them off! congrats on getting so much done around the house. can i borrow you and joseph for the weekend sometime? i’ve got too much to do, no energy to do it with, and only 8 weeks left!

  2. Em Says:

    The doors look great! You are very courageous to be taking on so many projects all at once. Good luck choosing handles.

  3. Natalie Says:

    Emme’s curls are adorable!!! I love the barstools too, they look great!

  4. Sarah A Says:

    The door looks really nice! And I love what you did with the chairs-very cute! We have a roomba that we also got on woot! I LOVE it.

  5. Daniele Says:

    Your house is coming together so nicely Jenn! The barstools look great and the doors make a huge difference!! Emmy’s curls are adorable, by the way!

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