What to say?

I’m not even sure what to say about this, except that it shows how much personality this little girl of ours has! She’s always doing something to make us laugh!

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After that little episode a couple of nights ago, she decided tonight that she no longer needed her hands to eat. She was really pretty successful at picking things up off her tray with just her mouth.  I’m beginning to wonder if we’ve got a 4-legged animal on our hands instead of a little girl!


6 Responses to “What to say?”

  1. becky Hansen Says:

    She is way to funny and cute. I love the pictures of her trying to eat without her hands. What a goofball. Too funny. She is a busy little thing. The video was hilarious. You have your hands full with two crawlers. Addi is dumping every cupboard out now, so I can only imagine two babies going at it. THey are definetly so cute and worth it!

  2. allison Says:

    She is so cute. These are the moments to write down!!

  3. Cashelle Says:

    That was hilarious. It totally made my day. What a sweetie!

  4. Emily Babcock Says:

    She is so cute!!!

  5. Mikelle Says:

    so cute!!

  6. Daniele Says:

    She is too funny!! What a cutie!!

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