The Office

We’re latecomers to The Office–we started watching right before the writer’s strike began.  We were hooked instantly, and then had to deal with the disappointment of not getting any new episodes.  We took advantage of the break to catch up on previous seasons and have now seen every episode.  Tonight a new episode finally aired!  We DVR’d it so that we could put the kids to bed and watch uninteruppted.  I can hardly wait!  A new episode of ER is also on tonight (it’s my guilty pleasure), so I’m going to enjoy a little time in front of the tube tonight–anybody out there joining me?


3 Responses to “The Office”

  1. liz and ammon ashby Says:

    Hey Jenn! Ammon and I are totally with you on the whole Office thing! We are HOOKED! We are so bad we both have dundle mifflin shirts. I know so silly! I am glad you were able to catch up during the strike!!

  2. Jenn Says:

    I got Joseph a Dunder Mifflin shirt for his birthday, and he couldn’t have been happier 😆

  3. Sarah A Says:

    We are HUGE Office fans!

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