A little irritant

I don’t really have any room to complain, because the house projects have been going fairly smoothly thus far, but yesterday we hit an irritating bump in the road–nothing major, just irritating.

Last Monday, I ordered the door hardware for the French doors.  The girl told me it would take 3-4 days to get in, so we were hopeful that we’d have handles on our door by the end of the week.  We called Thursday and were told that they *might* be in Friday, but most likely Monday.  Friday was a busy day, so we didn’t call to check.  They are closed on Saturday.  So, yesterday Joseph called to see if they were in and he was told (by two people) that yes, they were, and that they had actually come on Friday and someone had left a message on our phone.  We never got a message, but oh well–they’re in now, so I stopped by after picking Ryan up from school. 

The lady at the desk took forever looking for the stuff and finally came back saying she couldn’t find it.  To make a long story short (is that possible, when I’ve already made it semi-long?) the stuff had not even been ordered!  They were very apologetic, and the manager promised to figure out where the breakdown in communication was (why did someone call Friday to say it was in, and then two people on Monday verified it was in?) and said that the stuff was being shipped that day….meaning 3-4 more days of waiting for it to get here 🙄

It hasn’t been too much of a problem living without it, aside from the draft and the fact that anybody could just walk into our house at any time….nothing big, right? Hopefully by the end of the week our house will be a little more burgler-proofed than it is now. Joseph is taking the rest of the week to work on things, so we should see some major progress in the next few days!


5 Responses to “A little irritant”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Gosh how frustrating! Hope they figure it all out and in a few days you have door hardware!

  2. Valerie Says:

    I found you… I can’t enough that I think the world of you. I’m sorry to hear about the Hardware that would be so flustrating. I hope you get it sooner then later.

  3. Valerie Says:

    I ment.. I can’t tell you enough… sorry

  4. Cynthia Says:

    How frustrating – delays like that are so irksome. I can’t wait to see your changes. Best wishes with next week’s parenting – flying solo. You’re always welcome at our house…

  5. Nat Says:

    I HATE stuff like that!! It is so irritating. I ordered something from costco.com and it was supposed to be here the 15th, never came, I called and they had billed me, but it hadn’t even been shipped, so supposedly it will come friday, so friday is the lucky day for both of us hopefully!! Dumb people!

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