3rd time not the charm

The saga of getting the hardware for the French doors has gotten even better.  As I wrote last week, they initially neglected to order it.  Then, when it finally came in, it had been ordered wrong.  They ordered it again, and I went in to pick it up today.  I didn’t check it because the guy said “it should be left-handed, right?” so I figured they must have the correct one.  They keyed it match the deadbolt and I went on my merry way, glad to finally have everything sorted out.  When I got home, I took it out of the box and–you guessed it–the WRONG thing again!  It was another right-handed lever 🙄 .  So, back I went…..the poor manager looked so embarrassed to see me.  He was very nice about it, checked the order (they had ordered it right this time, so the place they ordered from screwed it up), and insisted that the shipping be expedited. Hopefully my 4th trip in to pick up the dang thing will be the last! Thankfully, the last time we went in they let us take the deadbolt–the girl who initially forgot to order the stuff said we couldn’t take it seperate from the handle because they had to be keyed together….she was misinformed about that, because all we really needed to match the handle to the deadbolt was the keys–so our house is a little less open to the world than it was two weeks ago, but it’s still been quite the experience getting this thing in. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so picky about the selection at Lowe’s and Home Depot!


One Response to “3rd time not the charm”

  1. allison Says:

    That is FRUSTRATING! Hopefully it will all be a memory soon!

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