Green Thumb

I don’t have one.  I know that your lawn shouldn’t have dandelions or morning glory in it.  I know that trees need pruning.  I’ve learned that if you let the wisteria on the pergola have it’s way, your entire fence and the neighbor’s house will soon be overtaken.  What I don’t know is how to enjoy doing what it takes to keep the yard looking good.  I’m just not cut out for yard work.

The previous owners of our house were big gardeners.  When we sold our last house, I made a little diagram for the new owners of what was in the flower beds in the front yard (stuff that took very little care other than watering), hoping they’d find it helpful in taking care of things.  We didn’t get a diagram like that for our new yard, and I feel so lost about what to do with it all (and there is a LOT of stuff growing in our yard).  Last year, we tore out or pruned back  most of what was in the front yard.  We didn’t do anything with the backyard (hence the lesson learned about overgrown wisteria).  The time has come to start working on things outside, but the inside of our house is still too torn up to even think about moving on to a new project.  So, since there’s not much I can do inside without Joseph’s help, I ventured out this morning.

Ryan has a little pop-up tent that I let him take out, and we put O & E  in with him.  That backfired and I ended up putting two screaming babies down for naps so that I could get a little work done.  Of course, Ryan has adopted all of the little gardening tools, so the only thing I could find in the garage were some small shears.  I started in the herb garden.  It was really overgrown, so I just cut everything back and enjoyed the aroma of oregano while I worked (I know some of you are probably thinking “WHAT???  Why are you cutting down perfectly good, homegrown herbs?”  Trust me people, even if they looked pretty enough to eat, I wouldn’t know what to do with them.  I’m not a cook either).

Then, I moved on to the wisteria.  After fighting the jungle it became last year, I knew that we needed to cut back some of the vines early this year, before they greened up.  Some of them were already reaching over onto our neighbor’s roof and the poor tree nearby was completely entangled.  Once that job was tackled, I started on these huge, thorny, stalks of….something.  I have no idea what they are, other than that they are pretty agressive little–or big rather–plants that are springing up all over the place.  The things have these roots like you wouldn’t believe, and they grow really tall.  I think they eventually get a flower, but I can’t remember.  Personally, I don’t find them attractive, but Gina (the lady who used to live here…we still get her gardening magazines in the mail) would probably beg to differ because she planted them all along the fence.  I was able to cut down the remnants of last year’s plants, but I’m not strong enough to pull up the new ones because the roots go so deep.  Another project for another day…..a day when Joseph can do it.

At this point, I was about halfway into a box of Kleenex, because all of this outdoorsiness makes my allergies go crazy.  Ryan was complaining that his movie wasn’t working (that’s right….my idea of outdoor recreation is to use the laptop to watch the movie outside) and I wasn’t really sure where to focus my next gardening efforts.  I could hear babies stirring inside and it was time for lunch, so I left my gloves and sheers on the patio table (remind me to bring those in….another pair of rusted sheers won’t make Joseph happy with me), grabbed the computer and headed in to the safety of the indoors.  It was fun while it lasted (yeah right) but I think I’m just going to stick to making the inside of my house look beautiful for now!


3 Responses to “Green Thumb”

  1. Kate Says:

    Jenn, you and I are so alike in this area. I’m almost dreading the day when we actually have enough room for a “garden” because I have NO CLUE what to do! LOL
    Bring the gloves and the sheers in please . . . don’t need Joseph unhappy with you! 😉

  2. Mel Says:

    You crack me up Jenn. I have too small flowerbeds and they are too much for us to handle…so I can’t imagine your pain. Maybe you should just move again…ha ha ha. It was fun to see you guys last weekend. Brooke keeps telling me that I am Jenn and she is mommy. I am not sure why….but is a pretty easy game to play….so I go along with it.

  3. Marsha Says:

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I feel like you are such a pro at it, and my blog is so plain! But I keep working on it!

    Scott and I bought our house less than two years ago. We moved into it in the Fall, and the owners, having decided they were moving, let everything go in their garden, lawn and flower beds. It’s wasn’t HORRIBLE, but it was pretty bad. I spent a great deal of that first Fall ripping out everything that I couldn’t identify as a plant.

    They also had flower beds with morning glory growing everywhere. Again, I ripped out everything I couldn’t identify, then I got out the “Round-Up” and killed everything green that would pop up that wasn’t supposed to be there.

    Last year, all our “outdoor money” went towards buying hoses, a lawnmower, and stuff like that because it was our first summer in a house. So, last year was the lawn year, and this year is the flower bed year. There is only so much money to go around, you know. It was kind of sad having flower beds last year that were just big patches of dirt, but now this year I can plant whatever I want.

    Last year, as far as the flower beds were concerned, again, I pulled out the round up, and anything that was green that popped up “unauthorized” I sprayed and killed. I am pretty sure this year that I have managed to destroy the “impossible to destroy morning glory.” So this year the flower beds and primed and ready for me to plant any pretty little thing I want. The first year of ripping out was the most work. Last year was just a bunch of me running around the flower beds every couple of days zapping anything I saw, and this year I get to plant flowers were I know they are, and keep zapping the weeds.

    My point is, If you have a couple of hard days cleaning stuff out, then keep going back to it every so often to keep things in check, it doesn’t take as much work as it does initially. At least not for our yard. Good luck! And know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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