Middle-of-Nowhere, WY

Joseph has made several trips to Wyoming for work in the last few months, and now that Ryan is done with school we were able to pack up and go with him this time.  The drive was better than I anticipated (other than Emmy throwing  up about 45 minutes in)….thank goodness for DVD players in cars!  The final destination was Rawlins, WY (aka desolation).  The odds of having someone you know live in such a secluded place are slim, but we just happen to have beat those odds.  Joseph’s sister and her family have been here for a couple of years, and we were lucky enough to be in town to see them during their last week here, as they are moving this weekend.  Ryan has had a great time playing with cousins that he doesn’t get to see very often, and hopefully our stay has given Cynthia and the kids a couple of much needed breaks from the packing rather than irritating interruptions.  We went to the park yesterday, where Owen had a great time playing in the sand and pine needles, and Jonathan and Ryan found a couple of bottle lids that made for perfect pirate eye patches (at least in the imagination of two little boys).

Ryan has enjoyed being able to go swimming each night, and it’s been a good bribe to get him to obey while we’re out.  He really struggles by late afternoon when he doesn’t get a nap, and napping with three kids in a hotel room isn’t very easy.  Emmy has enjoyed her naps while we’re out driving, and Owen…..well, Owen loves to sleep, so naps haven’t been a problem for him.  Swimming time has been fun for all of us, though Emmy isn’t nearly as enthusiastic as the other two.   Ryan loves to put on all of his “gear” so that he can doggy paddle around the pool without anybody holding on to him.  We’re sure he was a fish in another life…he just loves the water!


9 Responses to “Middle-of-Nowhere, WY”

  1. allison Says:

    They look so cute in all their swim gear. I’m glad you are having a fun time! It’s good to get away from the routine of everyday life!

  2. Stacey Meservy Says:

    If you think that’s the middle of nowhere, go to Casper! LOL That’s where I grew up. And boy is it ever in the middle of nowhere!! I’m glad you had a good time!!

  3. Jenn Says:

    That makes me laugh Stacey, because I just told Joseph that I’d rather go to Casper the next time he’s sent there…..at least there are places to eat and shop!

  4. Michelle Says:

    You’re brave to take them swimming! I am dreading going swimming with three kids under the age of 4! AGH!!

  5. Daniele Says:

    Logan is the same way in the water. He loves it. We use the same swimming gear with him and he will swim for hours with us if we let him! I’ve been to Casper once, and it was about as desolate a place as I’ve ever been. I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Rawlins, though!

  6. Dawn Says:

    Your kids are getting so big! That’s awesome you guys got to go with Joseph on this little trip though! Looks like a fun time!

  7. Cynthia Says:

    Your visits were perfect – we loved them! Thanks for visiting us before “The End”! We’re excited to live closer.

  8. Nat Says:

    Looks like you guys had a good time. I bet it was nice to get away for a few days! I love the pic on the pool, you have your hands full with the three of them, but I bet they loved the water!

  9. Stacey Meservy Says:

    LOL It’s true that there are places to eat and shop. Face it, for Wyoming, Casper is a thriving metropolis! So sad!! For swimming, you should try a hole in the wall place called Thermopolis! Such fun! But more in the middle of nowhere than Rawlins, if possible!

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