A few more pictures from the trip

We are home from our trip and in spite of the fact that there is NOTHING to do in Rawlins, we had a good time.  I guess it helps that our kids are used to playing in so very little space–I don’t think our hotel room had much more space than our torn up house does right now!  Joseph had the brilliant idea to bring along Ryan’s little tent and sleeping bag for him to sleep in.  It made getting him to bed a much easier task! 

Here is Joseph, all geared up for his day in the refinery.  He was so hot wearing the overalls over his clothes.  We tried to buy some fire retardent pants and shirt, but the only store they were available at didn’t have the right sizes….luckily, a storm came in the last half of the week and made things a little less miserable with lower temperatures.

One of the restaurants we ate at a couple of times had hats for the kids.  Ryan was lukewarm about wearing his, but the babies both got the biggest grins when we put their hats on.  Emmy was particularly fond of them!

 Emmy was initially enjoying her ride on the luggage trolley, but as soon as the camera came out, she decided it wasn’t so great afterall.

We left around noon on Friday and started the long, 6 hour journey to grandma’s house.  We always spend Memorial Day weekend there, decorating graves.  It was always really important to my grandma to get to all of the cemetaries, and we’ve continued that tradition for her over the years.  We had planned to stay until Sunday evening, but neither Owen or I were feeling well Sunday morning, so we just got up and headed home.  We left our flowers for Zoey for my mom and sister to take to the cemetary, which I felt terrible about because we didn’t make it to the cemetary for her birthday this year either.  Thanks mom and Em for taking care of this for us!

 This has been the mood in our home since leaving Wyoming.  Apparently, there’s something there that makes being home a pretty terrible thing (maybe the nightly swimming?).  Both babies have been really cranky…I think they each have a tooth coming in.  Hopefully, because at least if that’s the case there is an end in sight! 


3 Responses to “A few more pictures from the trip”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Looks like you had fun…in Wyoming none the less. I’m impressed! Sorry I haven’t stopped by in awhile…you’re sure been busy.

  2. Natalie Says:

    Thanks for your comments! I always feel bad after complaining about the O2, etc, when I think of people like you who had TWICE the work & twice the equipment! Or those who have to spend months in the NICU & would love to take their babies home regardless. (I am very grateful… I just can’t wait until I have more freedom.) Not that I’d wish this on anyone, but it’s nice to know others have been there too. 🙂
    Oh, & I’m only 5 years older than Garrett, but him turning 20 makes me feel old too! Time has flown by.

  3. Mikelle Says:

    I think Addie would fit in nicely with that last picture of Owen and Emmy!!

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