Working on that green thumb

When we came home from Wyoming earlier this week, we were surprised to see that much of our yard had bloomed (aside from the grass….that’s not looking so hot).  When I opened the blinds and looked into the backyard this morning, I saw some flowers that I don’t remember seeing last year, which led me to the deck, which left me in awe at what I saw. 

In spite of the weeds that are claiming their place in the landscape, the little corner of our backyard were the pergola stands really looks nice right now!  And I didn’t have to do a single thing to make it look that way!  The site left me with the urge to do something that I haven’t done for a couple of years–fill my planters with flowers.  Last year I was too busy with two newborns to worry about it, and the year before we were busy moving….but this year, I have no excuses! 

After lunch, I loaded the kids up and headed to the nursery (which Ryan informed me he was too old to attend….wrong nursery, kid 😉 ). Ryan LOVED it! They have a pond with some huge goldfish that he watched for a while, and he wanted to stop at every pond they had after that. When we got to the greenhouses, he thought we needed at least one of every plant that we passed. I let him do most of the choosing, and I think he did a pretty good job! I wish we’d been able to stay longer, but every plant we bought would have lost it’s petals thanks to my two littlest helpers, so we had to get out of there fast!

We put the babies down for naps when we got home and Ryan and I started the task of planting. My planters haven’t moved since we got here, and they were being called home to a host of worms and centipedes, which Ryan enjoyed seeing scatter each time I moved one of the planters to the deck. He later when down to check on them and feed them some “delicious leaves”. He has the same attention span his dad does, so I did most of the planting, but he had fun while he was interested. Hopefully everything grows and I feel a little bit better about my lack of skills in the gardening department….the rest of the yard is going to have to wait until the inside of the house is done, and I’m happy to say that we are on the home stretch with that!




2 Responses to “Working on that green thumb”

  1. Kate Says:

    looking good! 🙂

  2. Nat Says:

    I need to get going on some yard stuff around this place! Maybe your post will motivate me. I like the pictures of your little trip. Looks like coming home wasn’t too fun, yeah the swimming every night could be one cause. Zoey’s grave looked cute.

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