Weekend Fun

We’ve been really happy throughout the house project to have had very few hangups or problems arise.  Aside from the slowness of things getting done due to time constraints, nearly everything we’ve done has been problem-free….until this weekend.  We got the railing put up on Friday, and the babies were LOVING the fact that the gates were gone and they were free to roam.  All day long I kept looking at the balusters, just thinking that something about them wasn’t right.  By evening, I started looking up pictures online to see if the way they looked was the way they were supposed to look, and we discovered that they had been installed upside down 😆 . It should only take a little extra time to get it put back together, but it was an unexpected (and somewhat comical, unless you were an exhausted Joseph realizing that you’ve got more work to do) bump in the road!

We spent Saturday at Lagoon for Joseph’s company party. Most of his sisters and their families came as well, along with Grandma & Grandpa Z. The kids had a lot of fun (most of them anyway….poor Brooke had a rough day) and we lasted until the power went out around 3:00. It worked out well for us because we were able to let the kids come home and have a nap, have dinner, and then go back later. We were intereviewed by channel two about the outage, but we were pretty lame on camera, so we missed out on an opportunity for fame on the local news that night. The highlight of our day was winning a camera in the raffle the company held before lunch! We hadn’t taken a camera that day (I love my Canon, but it’s not always practical to drag it around) so we were excited! It’s nice and little, making it perfect for things like trips to Lagoon, which we’ll be taking often. We opted to buy season passes with some of our friends this year, and we had so much fun that we’re really glad that we did. When we took Ryan two years ago, he was pretty afraid to get on most of the rides….this year, he couldn’t get enough of them! We went back with the Hoyts last night and stayed waaaay too late….Ryan, who NEVER sleeps in, had to be awakened by me to get ready for church. His response? “Mom, will you cover me up and go away?” If only he’d do that on a day when I can actually sleep in…

We didn’t get too many pictures yesterday because the camera battery didn’t have a ton of charge in it, but here are a few!



2 Responses to “Weekend Fun”

  1. Kate Says:

    What a fun time! Love the pic of Owen eating his toes! 🙂

  2. Natalie Says:

    Oh I love the pic of the twins and the one of Owen eating his foot. Too cute!

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