Owen’s Improvements

Owen had his follow-up weight check with his pediatrician on Friday. He’s been a totally different kid since starting the high calorie/high protein diet and the doctor kept commenting on how great it is that he’s made such big strides in just 3 weeks. He had gained almost a pound, bringing him up from the 3rd %tile to the 6th %tile….still down from where he was at 12 months, but heading up, which is the direction we want to go. He’s overall more pleasant, he’s interacting a TON more, and he has even started taking some steps! He’s VERY persistent and jumps right back up every time he falls to try again. He still struggles with eating…he’s quite picky (wonder where he gets that from?) and often refuses to eat. Textures also seem to bother him. But, he LOVES his Carnation Instant Breakfast, so I guess we can attribute a good chunk of his weight gain to that. We have an appointment with Early Intervention the first week of July….the doctor still has some mild concerns about his gross motor skills (though the strides he’s made recently are a great sign that they were mostly due to his weight loss) and he doesn’t seem to be making much progress in the communication department. We can also address some of the texture and behavior issues he’s having with eating.

Overall, we were happy with the appointment. It was good to hear the doctor so excited about his improvements. We don’t need to go back until 18 months for his regular well-child checkup!


2 Responses to “Owen’s Improvements”

  1. Beth Says:

    So glad that Owen’s improving! Thanks for the update.

  2. Kala Tolman Says:

    Glad to hear Owen’s improving!! What a happy moment!

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