Another Owen Update

I took Owen in to be evaluated by Early Intevention today. It brought back lots of memories! It’s definately different to be on the parent side of the table, but it didn’t make me miss being the evaluator! I remember all too well fumbling around with testing materials, trying to keep a wiggly child engaged, and making the evaluation as accurate as possible…not always an easy job! Owen was really good though, so they had a pretty easy time with him.

One of the big concerns that prompted the doctor to make a referral to EI was Owen’s gross motor skills, but they have really come a long way since starting his new diet. Ironically, when all was said and done, his gross motor evaluation came back the highest, with him performing in the 15 month old range. Self help skills were just behind that at 14 months, fine motor at 12 months, and social/emotional at 11 months. It’s his language that is really suffering right now. His expressive language was 7 months and receptive was 6 months, with an overall cognitive performance of a 9 month old. Not what we wanted to see, but what we expected to see.

One surprising thing was that he failed his hearing screen in both ears. We’ve never really had reason to believe that his hearing might be a problem, but if it is, that definately explains some things. He has an appointment next week with an audiologist for more in-depth testing.

His low scores made him eligible to begin receiving services from early intervention. We should be getting a call sometime next week from a service coordinator from EI to set up a meeting to get things rolling and get this kid caught up!


One Response to “Another Owen Update”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Jen- sorry to hear that little Owen is falling behind. He’s lucky to have such a proactive and on-the-ball mommy who will stop at nothing to get him caught up! It sounds like the hearing troubles might be the cause of his communication woes. I’ll be praying…let us know how it goes!

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