Owen’s audiology appointment

It went well. It looks like fluid is the most likely cause for him failing his hearing screen. His right eardrum didn’t register anything, and the left registered just a little bit. The audiologist said that with the decible loss that he has, everything sounds like a whisper to him. He was really cooperative and very curious when we did the booth test…it was really interesting to see him have no reaction when she sent sounds through the speakers. So, she referred me back to the ped to make a game plan for what to do next.

The ped’s office was just down the street, so rather than waiting till I got home to call, I decided to just stop in to make an appointment. The receptionist said she was booked till the end of July, but that she happened to have one slot this afternoon if I wanted it. Thankfully Grandma & Grandpa were here to watch Ryan and Emmy, so I was able to take the appointment and get seen today.

The ped said that the fluid in the left ear is clear and that in the right ear it is orangey, indicating that it’s probably been there a while. She said that we could do one of two things–give him antibiotics for 10 days to see if the fluid clears up or go straight to the ENT doc for tubes. I had pros and cons for both options, so we compromised and she gave me the prescription for the antibiotics and a referral to the ENT so that we would have an appointment set up when he finished the meds. This way, if the antibiotics don’t work, we’ll be ready to go straight to the next step without having to wait to get in to the ENT.

This really is the best thing. Part of me worried that he’d pass the hearing test today and we’d have no explanation for his speech delays. I also worried that he could have a more permanent hearing loss to deal with. Fluid is fixable, so I’m looking at this as a positive outcome!

They also weighed him when we got there–22 lbs. 9 oz! Another great weight gain for him!!


7 Responses to “Owen’s audiology appointment”

  1. Mel Says:

    I was glad to hear about the fluid too. It is funny how some things can seem like a blessing….only because it could have been worse. Hope all is well.

  2. Kala Tolman Says:

    I was referred to an ENT after the twins were one. Both of my twins needed tubes put in their ears. We had the procedure done when they were about 15 months old. I noticed a definite difference after, and am grateful they did so well after! I hope things work out for him!

  3. becky Hansen Says:

    We just put tubes in Addi’s ears and took out her adenoids. I am so glad we did it. She babbles so much more now and is aware of things. Brayden had speech delays and I wish we would have done tubes for him. I think it would have helped a ton. THe surgery is so simple and quick. The recovery is super fast too.

  4. Ann Says:

    I’m so glad to hear that Owen’s problems are fixable. And I can’t believe how big he is! Halle still doesn’t weigh 22 lbs and just turned two. I love to read your blog and see how your kids are doing. I still have really rough days with Sam and tons of concerns over the future. It’s so nice to see that being premature hasn’t hurt your kids at all. They are so cute, happy, smart, and BIG! We love a good success story.

  5. Marissa Rasmussen Says:

    Logan is on his third set of tubes so we know all about tubes at our house. He had the exact same problem Owen has. He was allergic to the silicone tubes so 6 months later they had to do stainless steel tubes. It made such a huge difference in his speech. Good luck with the journey and email me with any questions.

  6. Cynthia Says:

    I’m glad to get this news – We’ve been praying for him.

  7. Mandy (Owings) Bradshaw Says:

    Hi Jenn, Just checking in on your little family! Both my boys had tubes and I would TOTALLY reccomend it for so MANY reasons. The surgery is so fast and easy and your life will be lots happier! Good luck!

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