Happy Birthday Ryan!!

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Ryan is 4 years old today!! This year has been fun because he’s really aware of birthdays and has been so excited for his to come….we been counting down for a while now! I hope you enjoy a little review of his year as a 3 year old…it had its ups and downs and we’re excited to move on to the adventures that being 4 brings!

Here are a few facts about Ryan as he turns 4:

  • Ryan’s imaginary friend Duggin has been a great friend…and he makes a super scapegoat when Ryan doesn’t want to get in trouble for being naughty!
  • Ryan loves to eat tomato soup, pizza (without the pepperonis), and apples.  He also asks for a treat about a million times a day.
  • Ryan still loves to swim!
  • Ryan has been a stinker about going to primary.  He loves his teacher and does well after we have left him behind, but we get full-on trantrums nearly every Sunday when it comes time to go to primary.  In spite of this, he comes home singing new songs each week and does a great job telling us about everything he learned.
  • Ryan has finally grown tall enough to ride all of the kiddie rides at Lagoon!
  • Some of his favorite shows this year have been The Backyardigans, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, The Land Before Time, Chicken Little, Robin Hood, and Mary Poppins.  He loves to act them out after he watches them.
  • Ryan is a great big brother.  He does his fair share of teasing, but he’s always willing to give hugs and kisses to his brother and sister, especially when they are sad.  It’s been fun to watch their relationships blossom as the babies have gotten old enough to interact with him more!
  • Ryan has learned how to use the computer!  He’s a whiz at the trackball and can get around the Playhouse Disney website better than me.  He can often be found “checking his email” 😆
  • Ryan has an insanely good memory.  He can memorize things soooo fast! 

 We love you Ryan and are so happy that you are a part of our family!!  Have a happy birthday!!


5 Responses to “Happy Birthday Ryan!!”

  1. Mom Zee Says:

    That was so cute. Thanks for sharing that with us. We love you all and wish Ryan a Happy Birthday. He is such a wonderful, special part of our lives. Lots of fun. Grandma and Grandpa Zee

  2. Beth Says:

    Happy birthday to Ryan!! I love that slideshow of him — I think it’s so great that you do them each year for your kids. He’s such a cute, happy guy!

    Just had to comment on the computer thing — ’cause Logan is getting better at it, too (he likes to try the PBS Kids website). He often asks if I am “doing my blog.” 😆

  3. Auntie Em Says:

    Happy Birthday!!! It was really fun to read the little facts about him. I think he gets his good memory from you : ) He is so much fun, and I’m glad that he is talking a little more clearly on the phone these days! We love you Ryan!!!

  4. Brenda Dart Says:

    Happy Birthday Ryan!!!
    What a cute slide show. I can’t wait to see you all next weekend. What a sweet little guy he is (most of the time). I’m so glad he is such a big part of our family.
    Love, Grandma Dart

  5. Sarah A Says:

    Happy Birthday to him! He is one of the cutest little boys! I liked hearing that he has a hard time going to primary. Taylor does the same thing every week!

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