The Birthday

I wanted to write up an overview of Ryan’s birthday–it’s long and drawn out, but I want to be able to look back and read the details….so feel free to check out the pictures and skip over the rest 🙂 .

Ryan started his birthday right at midnight. I had just finished getting his birthday presents laid out and his birthday blog post published. Just as I was leaving the kitchen, I heard his bedroom door open. I rushed to try to catch him before he came out because I had put streamers in front of his door–I hoped he wouldn’t see them and I could get him back in bed to keep the surprise for morning. He did notice them and got the biggest smile on his face when he realized what they were for. He asked if it was his birthday and when I said yes he said “Now I’m 4!! I’m not 3 anymore! Mommy, will you sing me Happy Birthday?”. So, of course, I snuggled in and sang to him and told him about the day he was born. Seems like yesterday in so many ways…

We had a fun day yesterday. It wasn’t without its hectic moments (what day isn’t?), but I was usually able to calm those down by threatening that Ryan wouldn’t be 4 anymore if he didn’t behave. It worked most of the time 😉 .

One super cute thing that Ryan did first thing in the morning was ask if he was a deacon now that he is 4 😆 . The family that we usually sit with on Sundays has two boys that are deacons, so that has caused Ryan to be pretty curious and has given us an opportunity to teach him a bit about the priesthood.

Ryan asked for pancakes and toast for breakfast, but by the time he finished the toast he didn’t want the pancakes anymore. Lucky me…the pancakes are usually gone by the time I get around to eating breakfast, so I came out on the good end of that one!

After everyone was dressed and ready for the day, I let him open his presents. Ryan is such a polite boy, always saying “thank you” after I handed him a present. He got a Lightening McQueen wallet with a dollar inside, a Lightening McQueen car with a flashlight under the hood, some more Legos, and a scooter and helmet. He was very happy with all of it. We had a little problem with the helmet though–when we bought it, we had tried on several helmets and then let him pick the character he wanted on it. On the way out of the store, he saw something he liked better, so we switched, without trying it on. Apparently it was a different model than the original pick because this one didn’t even fit on his head. So after all of the presents were opened, we had to load up to go to the store to exchange it for a different one.

He was really excited to try the scooter out when we got home. Our driveway has a slight incline, and of course that was where he wanted to ride. I wouldn’t let him, since he was still pretty wobbly on it, so I backed the car out of the garage so he could practice in there. As soon as he got in the garage, he saw his tricycle and that’s all he wanted to ride. Figures 🙄

We stopped at Wendy’s for lunch and ate at a park. Afterward Ryan played on the playground for a while. When we got home, we cleaned up the family room downstairs so that Ryan could ride his scooter down there.

We had to run to the store for a few things, so I stopped at Baskin Robins and got him a clown cone to eat after dinner. He chose tacos for dinner and then I poked candles in his cone and sang Happy Birthday (I saved the cake for today, when family would be here to enjoy it with us).

Overall, I think Ryan was happy with his special day. He got lots of phone calls wishing him a happy birthday, which made him excited. Aunt Cynthia wrote him a great little birthday poem on her blog, which describes him perfectly. We sure are glad to have him in our family–he keeps us on our toes!


4 Responses to “The Birthday”

  1. Kate Says:

    Love the pictures . . . and it sounds like it was a good day, ill-fitting helmet notwithstanding . . .
    Happy Birthday Ryan! 🙂

  2. Michelle Says:

    Cute pictures Jenn! Sounds like a really fun, 4 year old, birthday! Sorry about the helmet. It’s crazy how one will fit and another won’t. 😛

  3. Em Says:

    Wow, that sounds like such a great birthday! You managed to fit a lot of fun things into one day. Hooray for turning four!

  4. Brenda Dart Says:

    What a cute little 4 year old!! I’m so glad it turned out to be such a good day. Love you all!!

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