More fun!

What a lame title.  I’m too tired to think of anything creative for this post.  Oh well….maybe next time.

Ryan’s been extra lucky this year, as his birthday celebration has been spread over several days. Every morning he asks me if his birthday is back, and I’ve given up trying to explain that he has to wait for a whole year for it to come around again. He’s just happy that people keep singing to him and offering candles for him to blow out. We were able to have Grandpa and Dedee over for dinner, which was fun because we haven’t seen them for a while.They gave Ryan one of those big styrofoam airplanes…I’m sure just to watch me squirm while they assembled it (I HATE squeaky styrofoam!)…and we learned that when the styrofoam airplane package says “Age 6 and older” it really means it. Ryan really liked his airplane, but figuring out how to throw it correctly has been a bit of a challenge!

Then we spent a day at Grandma & Grandpa Z.’s house with all but 3 of the cousins (we missed you Jonathan, Gabe, and Jacob!). Grandpa had the yard full of fun with swimming pools, slides, the trampoline, and a slip ‘n’ slide. We enjoyed lunch together and then let the kids go crazy in the water. The big hit of the day was the “boat” which held pretty much all of the kids at the same time. They thought that was great! The babies all enjoyed a bit of splashing as well. After the kids had all turned to prunes, we had cupcakes and presents for Ryan.  Later on we attempted to have Family Home Evening, but Ryan’s attention span was pretty short at that point. Everybody was beat when we got home–I wish I could run the kids down so well every day because they went to bed so easily that night!

Isn’t this the cutest little pool?  The babies just love it!

I’m not sure what Ryan was upset about in this picture, but isn’t that a pathetic little face?

Emmy & Mathew had fun in the boat as well!

Emmy was Grandpa’s little buddy that day!  Look how exhausted she is!

This picture is totally unrelated to this post, but it came off the camera at the same time so if I didn’t share it now it would probably not get done.  Owen and Emmy have found that they fit perfectly under both my little red table and my hutch.  They just like to hang out there.  Today they were holding these toys up to their faces and yelling back and forth.  I couldn’t find the video camera, so the still picture was all I got, but it sure was cute!


One Response to “More fun!”

  1. Em Says:

    Such cute pictures. How funny that Dad gave a Styrofoam plane–I used to love that part of Christmas, when you would run out of the room with your ears plugged and the silliest look on your face. My only way to really torture you growing up!

    Is that a new rug in your living room?

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