New Digs

I spent a good share of the day yesterday working on my new template.  I was tired of having to scroll aaaallll the way to the bottom of my blog to get to some of the sidebar stuff, so I decided a 3-column template might work better for me.  Of course, when it comes to making changes like this, I miss good ‘ol Blogger and its simple template switch-a-roo tool.  When I first made the change to my own domain, I started some online tutorials to learn how to code these things, and while I still don’t know enough to actually build my own template from scratch, I have figured out how to customize to get the boring stuff off of the original template and give it my own style.  The problem is, I’m also not good enough to know if I do everything 100% correctly, and while it might look good on my screen, it could very well be a mess on someone else’s.  So, my question of the day–does everything look to be  in place to you? 

**OK, I changed a couple of little things in the right sidebar….do you see it now?  I know that it has somewhat to do with the particular screen you’re viewing in….sometimes when I make changes, it looks fine on my larger monitor, but not on the laptop monitor.  I’m not sure what to do about that, as all of the graphics in the sidebar are well within the pixel allotment given (I usually only have problems when I forget to resize something and it’s bigger than the sidebar itself).

**Marsha, in all her brilliance (didn’t you get the memo that you’re supposed to lose brain cells during pregnancy??), suggested that I do a print screen so you could see how the page was supposed to look.  Basically, what I’m wondering is if all 3 columns are showing up now…it sounds like some of you can see them and some of you can’t.


13 Responses to “New Digs”

  1. Marenna Says:

    Your blog looks great to me… I want to steal your format 🙂 your kids are so cute! it is crazy how fast they grow and change and develope their own little personalities.. How is raising twins vs just one? I can’t even imagine.

  2. Kate Says:

    Ooohhh . . . ohhhhh! 🙂
    I believe those were my exact words when seeing the new digs . . . well done my friend! 🙂

  3. Daniele Says:

    I love the new colors and the stripes. I still have to scroll to the bottom to see the right hand sidebar, though. It looks like it is just a bit too wide to fit all three across. I’m looking at it in Internet Explorer right now.

  4. Beth Says:

    Wow, beautiful!

    One of these days I ought to figure out how to make my blog pretty — besides changing the header once (I think it was two and a half years ago, and with my husband’s help) I haven’t done anything.

    Yours inspires me!! I love the colors and the header especially. 🙂

  5. Marissa Rasmussen Says:

    I love the new layout!! You have done a great job. I saw your PYP link on the side. I am on there too so email me your handle on there so I can hunt you down:)

  6. Kala Tolman Says:

    I am so impressed that you can do that all by yourself. That takes genious to figure it all out! Great Job! I also only see two columns, but it is already such a huge improvement!!!

  7. Marsha Says:

    Everything, as far as I can tell, looks good to me, and I am using a laptop. Hope that is encouraging for you! It’s hard to say when you aren’t sure what it’s supposed to look like. Maybe you could use your “Print Screen” button to take a snap shot of the screen on your computer, post that picture, and we can see what we might be missing. Just an idea. Hope that makes sense.

  8. Sarah A Says:

    It looks really good!

  9. Em Says:

    Looks great to me! I haven’t even gotten around to checking out the blogger templates yet, so I like seeing everyone else’s cute pages!

  10. Cashelle Says:

    It looks great. You need to teach me how to do some of that stuff!

  11. Tammy Jarman Says:

    Looks great to me!!! I see 2 sidebars.

  12. Cami Says:

    I am using my laptop and all three colums (sp?) are there. It looks great. I like it.

  13. Daniele Says:

    Now it looks just fine on my home computer on my widescreen monitor. Maybe it was just my work laptop that had the issue. In any case it looks fabulous!

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