Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I consider myself to be a pretty clean and organized person, but I do have a few Monica Closets in my house. So, I’ve decided to hop on board with Tackle It Tuesday. I’m hoping it will motivate me to get to some of those dreaded projects that I just keep putting off. Like the kitchen pantry–which I tackled today.

The pantry is one of those places that I have a hard time keeping organized. The shelves in ours are really deep, with makes it hard to really fill them up. If I stock them too full, I can’t get to anything in the back…but I hate feeling like all the space at the front of the shelves is wasted. Joseph has some patterns to make some rotating can shelves (yes, I know you can buy them…but when did we ever do anything the easy way in our house?), so someday the shelves with my canned goods will be well organized. In the meantime, I’m making due with what I’ve got. Here’s what I stared with:

I began by emptying the whole pantry out and used the vacuum to get all the dust bunnies that were collecting in the deep, dark corners of each shelf.

Then, I started trying to figure out how to organize things and put them all back in. There are always those few items that really don’t fit into a category, and those are always the hardest for me to put back–ice cream toppings don’t really belong with the baking stuff, but they fit on the same shelf, so I just have to get over it and put them there. It really didn’t take too long to finish the project, and I was surprised that I didn’t have more expired stuff to toss out. Unfortunately, this isn’t one project where the before and after pictures are dramatically different, but at least everything in the pantry is better organized and hopefully I can do a better job of not just opening the door and throwing things back in wherever there is a space.


6 Responses to “Tackle It Tuesday”

  1. Amydeanne Says:

    I need to go through my pantry soon too! 🙂 Great job!

  2. robin@heartofwisdom.com Says:

    Wow, you did a great job. You have a very nice pantry.
    Blessed your are…


  3. BarbaraLee Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how dusty those cupboards get. It’s not like we open the doors when there is a dust storm going on.

  4. Linda Says:

    I like your pantry. I am always straightening our pantry. Good Job. Happy Tackle Tuesday.

  5. Muthering Heights Says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of stuff! Good tackle!

  6. Audra Krell Says:

    I see a big difference! Unfortunately your before picture is my panty on a good day! way to go!

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