A most embarrassing moment

I’ve mentioned before that our yard is a mess this year. Our efforts on the inside of the house have left the outside very neglected. And, for some reason, one section of our front lawn has just pooped out on us this year. It looks pretty bad.

While Joseph was gone to Wyoming, the Elder’s Quorum presidency stopped by to drop some things off for him. They asked if they could do anything to help, and I jokingly said they could come pull all of our weeds. That was probably 2 weeks ago.

I spent a few hours Tuesday morning volunteering at the consigment sale. When I got home, I noticed that one of the flower beds (can you call it a flower bed when it holds no flowers?) had been weeded. I thought it was quite ambitious of Joseph to do that while he was watching all the kids and was quite impressed. When I got inside he said “Guess who came to weed our yard?”. I couldn’t have been more suprised and COMPLETELY embarrassed when he told me that it was a pregnant neighbor. Her husband is the Elder’s Quorum president, so he must have mentioned to her that our yard needed weeding, and being the sweet girl that she is, she brought her 2 year old over with her to be of service to us. Can I just say again how horrified I was to hear this?!? When I was on bedrest, I learned to take service when it was offered….but that was a situation when I couldn’t do most things. It’s a totally different story when I’m sitting inside my nice, air-conditioned home while the weeds grow outside because I hate yard work too much to tackle them. It’s a totally different story when the person offering the service is the one who could probably use a break herself.

Needless to say, I made cookies that night to take over to them, and we’ll definately be having them over for dinner a night next week! She wasn’t home when I dropped the cookies off, so I get to look forward to Sunday when I’ll see her and have a chance to express my embarrassment over the whole thing! I guess I just need to take a Claritin and get outside and do some work!


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