Twin funnies

Owen and Emmy were in rare form yesterday (particularly Emmy), and we caught a few of their antics on camera. You’ll have to excuse our half-dressed Sunday afternoon…and in the first segment, I was multi-tasking, so you get half of a phone conversation–sorry about that! They also shared their first brother/sister kiss last night, which we unfortunately didn’t get on camera. They’ll be grateful for that, I’m sure!


5 Responses to “Twin funnies”

  1. Sarah A Says:

    Too cute!!! I love all the giggles!!!

  2. Marenna Says:

    so cute!! thanks for sharing..

  3. Cashelle Says:

    That was adorable. My kids all watched very intently. They thought it was hilarious.

  4. Trish Wills Says:

    you have been tagged! For directions on what to do now, go to my blog, and look under the post titled 6 Things About Me. It will be fun!

  5. Daniele Says:

    They are just too cute! Can I borrow them to entertain Cadence for a while????

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