18 months

I can hardly believe that it has been 18 months since we became a family of 5! Isn’t it funny how the instant your family grows, you can’t remember what it was like to have it any other way? Life with just Ryan seemed hard at the time (and it was in many ways…he was a tough baby), but if I could go back–knowing what I know now–I’d have complained much less about all the energy it takes to be a mom! If I’d only known!

On the lines of energy, I’m one of those bad moms that deprives her children of the opportunity to learn the skill of feeding themselves. I’ll admit it–I HATE the mess!! It exhausts me to think about how much energy it will take to clean everything up after a meal where self-feeding has taken place. I’ve recently read on several of my friends’ blogs about their little ones learning to feed themselves….and they are all much younger than Owen and Emmy are. So, this morning, at the tender age of 18 months, I allowed my children to hold a spoon for the first time and dig into a bowl of yogurt. We bought new booster seats last night, so the trouble of cleaning up the mess from the cloth on the old seats was no longer there to make an excuse out of. I expected nothing less than a disaster, but the whole thing went over much better than I had anticipated. The mess was minimal, and most of the yogurt actually made it into their mouths. I was surprised at how well they were able to take those spoons and actually make them work!

Do I deserve a bad mom award for waiting so long to introduce this skill? Maybe. But at least I’ll have a nice clean counter to put it on 😆


3 Responses to “18 months”

  1. Halo Says:

    you aren’t alone! nate is nearly 4, and i just recently started letting him feed himself yogurt. everything else, i’m fine with. but yogurt makes such a mess! of course i much prefer the brands of yogurt that are more solid before they are mixed up. (yoKids and yoplait kids–the latter actually has a bit of gelatin in it so that it doesn’t make a gloppy mess, plus it has less sugar.)

    way to go jenn!

  2. allison Says:

    Good Job! The only reason I let Max start feeding himself is because I was canning and needed an extra 30 minutes to get everything cleaned up in the kitchen before I let him loose! When he feeds himself it takes a lot longer and he is a happy boy :-). I’m impressed at how well they did!

  3. kala tolman Says:

    I had the same dilemma with my twins when they were babies. I don’t think I started letting them feed themselves with utensils until they were like 2. My baby also just turned 18 months and I started giving him his own bowls and plates and spoons and forks to eat with just 2 weeks ago. I hardly think this constitutes a bad mom of the year award! There are definitely worse things to do that are more deserving of it! I love watching your twins grow and reading your blogs. From what I can tell, I think you are a terrific mom and it shows just how much you love and adore them!

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