NICU Reunion 2008

Yesterday was the annual NICU Reuion and we had so much fun!  Our volunteer group plans all year long to make it a memorable experience for everyone who attends, and this year things went so well!  We did have a little bit of panicking when we realized that the generator left by the party planning company didn’t work, but we were able to work all of that out quickly and get things rolling before anybody really noticed there was a problem.

One of the down sides to being a volunteer is that I was busy working most of the time and didn’t get to spend to much time with my family, so I don’t have many pictures.  The highlight of my day was the raffle!  I bought 24 tickets, and 9 of them were drawn!  I kept getting told that we needed to head straight to Vegas…too bad we’re not gamblers!  We got some fun stuff, and few things that we’ll give away as gifts to people who will actually use them (any bikers out there need a pink and purple riding jersey in a size XS?) but it was really fun just to win! 

The loot!


2 Responses to “NICU Reunion 2008”

  1. Em Says:

    I’ll bet Ryan was excited to play in an ambulance! Congratulations on your wins–that doesn’t happen very often and it looks like some good stuff.

  2. Daniele Says:

    I love the family pic! Ryan looks like he had a blast in the firetruck!

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