Summertime Fun!


We decided to go to Lagoon yesterday one last time before they are only open on the weekends, and apparently everyone else in the state had the same idea we did because it was really busy for a weekday.  Ryan has been waiting all summer long to go on the “sidewheel”, aka the Ferris Wheel.  I don’t like Ferris Wheels and I’ve never been on the big one at Lagoon, but I gave in yesterday.  It’s one of the few rides that the babies can go on, since we didn’t buy season tickets for them.  I was prepared to be on that thing for an hour before they let us off, and I spent the entire ride (which only ended up being two times around, thank goodness!) fretting over the thought of Ryan jumping up on the seat, losing his balance, and falling over the edge.  We all survived and I was more than happy to get off that thing when our turn came to an end. 

Ryan has also been working up the courage ro run through the fountain at the entrance.  He always wants to do it, but once he actually gets near the water, he chickens out.  So, yesterday I walked in with him and showed him where to stand so that he’d get wet.  I failed to take note of where I was standing and all of a sudden the fountaing turned on and I was soaked!  Ryan thought that was great, and it was just what he needed to go wild.  We let him run for quite a while and he was pretty bummed when it was time to go home.  I’m sure we’ll hit the park a few more times before the season ends, but we had a great time yesterday in spite of the heat and the crowds!


One Response to “Summertime Fun!”

  1. Becky Says:

    I am glad that tubes went well! Addi loved the medicine she got! They gave us loratab because she had her adenoids out too. I think I might loved the loratab more than she did. She slept so well. I am glad we did the tubes and I hope you guys are too. Looked like a fun trip to Lagoon. I hate that big wheel thing too. I think I have only done it once.

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