Tackle It Tuesday

 Tackle It Tuesday Meme

So, I decided a few weeks ago that I’d start doing Tackle It Tuesday, with good intentions to have every mess in my house would be taken care of in just a few weeks.  Yeah right.  All of the end-of-summer activities going on around here have put those good intentions on the back burner….but today, I’m back on board!  I decided to tackle the cabinet above the fridge, which has become a catch-all for lightbulbs/batteries/paper plates and cups/rarely-used pots and pans/etc.  I pulled everything out, threw a bunch of stuff away, rejoiced over finding long-lost items, and put it all back in a much more organized manner. 

I’ve been contemplating this tackle for a couple of weeks and had been keeping my eye out for a basket to put things in, but I just couldn’t part with the money to actually buy one.  On Saturday, thanks to my lucky raffle tickets, I won a bunch of salon hair products and the basket they came in was the perfect size for my cupboard.  I’d planned to have two baskets, but one free basket was good enoug for me!  It’s so nice to actually know what’s in my cupboard and where to find it!


After catching the organizing bug, I decided to keep going and clean off the top of my fridge.  The space our fridge is in was built for a larger side-by-side fridge, which we don’t have….and that means that it’s easy to toss hings on top of the fridge so that they’re easy to access later.  That’s now all cleaned up (and dusted….it’s gets pretty gross up there!) and looking purty!


5 Responses to “Tackle It Tuesday”

  1. Marsha Says:

    Wow! Very nice! I am impressed. I have a few projects like that, and I am sure with kids it will get worse, as far as cluttering goes. I hope to get a few things more organized before my family comes this weekend. You inspire me!

  2. kala tolman Says:

    I thought it was fun to see the fridge. Fridges are almost always covered in fun things! The one thing about your cupboard that I noticed after it was cleaned out was the game SkipBo. How funny! Don’t you just love the feeling you get when you clean and organize?! Oh, btw, I was going through my 2007 photo book the other day, and there was a picture of you and Joe with some others at the BRHS Class of 97 Reunion. I want to email it to you, but don’t know your email address. Could you send it to me at joshkala@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Great tackle! You’ve just reminded me that I need to do some organizing…hmmm, I have no idea where to start!

  4. Elizabeth Larson Says:

    Hey I think it’s great! Tuesdays are my days to get a lot done around the house and I have started “spring cleaning” and getting everything ready for baby…and so I don’t have to do it when I get bigger pregnant!! But good for you! you are inspiring me!!

  5. Sarah Aguirre Says:

    These are great projects. I’ve always wondered how the top of my fridge get so cluttered?

    I’d love to feature your pictures in a new before/after photo gallery I’m creating. If you are interested, please email me for details.

    In the meantime, I’d better check the state of my fridge 🙂

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