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Tackle It Tuesday

September 30, 2008

 Tackle It Tuesday Meme

My mom always says that if your windows are clean, the rest of your house won’t seem so dirty (something like that anyway…I probably should have listened better…but I do know that she likes clean windows). Thankfully, the rest of my house isn’t that dirty, but the windows really needed to be cleaned as well. It didn’t take long at all to do the outsides and I found a GREAT recipe for a non-toxic glass cleaner. I’ve got a ton of Windex, but regardless of the fact that it claims to be streak-free, I always get streaks. This recipe worked like a charm! No befores on this one, but you can see how nice and clear the view is from my kitchen now that this tackle is done!


“The priesthood can strengthen and bless my family”

September 28, 2008

Today was the primary program in our ward, and it was Ryan’s first experience participating. He’s a good little memorizer, so I wasn’t worried about him learning his part. I was, however, very worried that he’d make a scene while he was sitting up at the front of the chapel. A couple of weeks ago,his teacher asked if one of us would sit with him to help keep him reverent…then after the practice on Friday she said she thought they’d be fine on their own. As it turns out, he didn’t make a scene per se, but he did keep the teacher he was sitting by on her toes. He did a great job when it was time to get up and say his part into the microphone, and since we didn’t get to share today with grandparents, we thought we’d try to capture just a little bit on camera!


September 27, 2008

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I started participating in Tackle It Tuedays, which are sponsored by 5 Minutes for Mom. I’ve had several friends comment that they’d like to start up as well, and there isn’t a better time than now to jump on the bandwagon! 5 Minutes for Mom has teamed up with the makers of CLR Kitchen and Bath cleaner to sponsor a fun Tackle and contest all in one! Visit this post over at 5 Minutes for Mom to learn how to get your FREE full-sized bottle of CLR and how to use it to not only clean your house, but enter to win a great litte prize package!


September 25, 2008

Last week, Joseph and his fellow employees were informed that the engineering branch of the company was being sold.  He will now be employed by a large international company..  I don’t know all the details, but we’ve got some changes ahead of us.  Nothing major, and we’re hoping that it will all be positive in the end, but it still leaves my stomach in knots at times.  I hate uncertaintly, especially when it comes to jobs and benefits.  We got more detailed health insurance information yesterday and I am beyond sad that our pediatrician isn’t covered under the new plan.  I know that I’ve mentioned multiple times here how much we love her and I just want to cry when I think about taking my kids to someone else (suggestions for a new doc from friends in our area are welcome!).  Good thing that my ob/gyn is covered, or I’d have Joseph out looking for a new job!  The insurance will also be costing us more each month, with a higher deductible.  Blech.

On the bright side, Joseph’s schedule won’t change, so we’ll still get to have him home on Fridays.  We also get (hopefully….they’re still trying to work out some kinks with locations) a membership to a gym, which will save us some money since Joseph is paying for a membership at a local college right now.  The 401K package is better than what we had before and we’ll get good vision coverage with the health benefits.  The international status of the new company will also offer us the potential for some interesting job experiences.  They are planning to greatly increase their number of employees with this change, and Joseph is excited to be involved from the ground floor…we’re hoping it is just another step up the ladder in reaching his employment goals.

We are sad to be leaving a locally owned company.  We’ve been really happy with our experience with the old company.  I’m totally bummed at the timing of this because it means that we’ll miss the annual Christmas party–they’ve hired Ryan Shupe and the Ruberband this year and I was sooo excited for that!  Plus, I’m sure that, had we been there, we’d have won one of the awesome prizes that they give away.  Oh well…all good things must come to an end….and hopefully this leads to something even better.

Sneak Peak

September 24, 2008

Book Review: Mormon Scientist

September 23, 2008

Mormon Scientist
By Henry J. Eyring
303 pages
Finished 9/23/08


Henry Eyring was one of the preeminent scientists of his era–no mean feat when you consider that his era included the likes of Einstein and Heisenberg. He was also a believing and practicing Latter-day Saint, an apparent contradiction that Henry mastered with surprising ease. To Henry, science and religion were not opposites–they were part of one unified picture that God would ultimately reveal. As a scientist, and as a man of faith, he worked at discovering the missing puzzle pieces that would make the picture complete.

This engaging biography tells the story of a boy born on a ranch in the Mormon colonies of northern Mexico who attained the heights of scientific achievement, ultimately publishing more than 600 papers and leading the world’s largest scientific societies.

It is also the story of the family legacy that produced Henry Eyring–of the faith and sacrifice of his forebears that made his education and scientific achievements possible and laid the foundations of his own unshakable faith.

Above all, this is the story of a scientist whose religious faith helped him find simple truths in a complex world. It is a legacy we can share as we learn from his experiences and apply his insights.

This book first caught my eye nearly 6 months ago during General Conferece. I remember it being heavily advertised during that weekend and thought it looked interesting. I immediately put it on hold at the library and began 6 months of waiting to get it into my hands. I had hoped that it would be a fairly easy read, but I didn’t take into account that when you’re reading about a master scientist, you would obviously have to endure quite a bit of scientific talk. There were many times when I read a chapter only to stop and realize that the only things I understood were the prepositions in between all the big words. Lets just say that I pulled a C in college chemistry (and only a B+ the second time around), so I wasn’t really on board with all of the chemistry talk that this book contained. It wasn’t overdone, considering it is the biography of a chemist, but just be warned that there is plenty of technical language to be had in this book!

I started my reading at a hectic time. It seemed that there was always a interrupption causing me to put the book down. I took longer than I’d have liked to get through it all….and it wasn’t as easy a read as I’d first thought. However, the overall message is a really good one, and I did find a lot of the religion vs. science discussion to be very interesting. Henry Eyring (oh yeah, that reminds me…there are a LOT of Henry Eyrings in this family, so brace yourself for some confusion!) sounded like such a great man….and I’m sure that if I’d taken college chemistry from him, I’d have gotten an A! I love his mix of intelligence, humor, faith, and congeniality.

During the last week, I’ve heard advertisements on the radio for a DVD version of this book that has just been released. Honestly, I think I’d have liked that version much better than the actual book, but if you enjoy biographies and don’t mind muddling through a higher level of thinking than I’m used to, you’ll probably enjoy this one!

2008 Page Count: 7748

Lucky 7

September 21, 2008

I truly am lucky to be in love with my best friend….Happy Anniversary Joseph!!


September 16, 2008

Last night we loaded the kids up, sat for 20 minutes while we jump-started the car (see previous Tackle it Tuesday post), and then headed to the big city for family home evening. We’ve never taken the kids to Temple Square and we thought it would be a fun little activity. We only had an hour or so to wander around the visitor’s centers, Ryan was a little intimidated by the Christus statue, and Owen was his typical whining self, but we had fun. Ryan was on the lookout for all the missionaries and told a sweet sister from Brazil that his Aunt Stephy is a missionary in Australia right now. He was certain the the missionaries live inside the temple.

As we looked at the diplays in the visitor’s centers, Ryan pointed out all the things he recognized. It’s really a heart-warming thing as a parent when you see your child showing some understanding of the things that you’ve tried to teach them. He is such a little sponge and takes in everything we say (good and bad…whoops!) and remembers it so well. I’m sure he’ll make a great little missionary himself one day!

We tried to get face shots, but they wouldn’t hold still long enough….I like the way the one turned out better anyway.

Wiped out!

Z Family Reuinon 2008

September 16, 2008

Mel pretty much summed up this post on her blog (except that she forgot the second “really” in regards to the temperature), so all I’m going to add is my pictures!

Tackle It Tuesday

September 16, 2008

 Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I never had a problem keeping the car clean until the kids came along.  And really, it’s not too bad now.  We don’t let our kids eat in the car very often, which saves on messes.  But, life is so busy that cleaning the car is way down on the priority list.  The extra room in the garage from getting the cabinets out of the way made it much easier for me to contemplate this tackle yesterday. I put the babies down for a nap and let Ryan come out to help. We took everything out, vacuumed, put everything back in, and cleaned all the windows and the dashboard.

We had the radio on for a little extra noise and I apparently took too long with my cleaning because suddenly the battery gave out. I had planned to head to the car wash after naptime, but found myself stranded at home. When Joseph got home (nearly 40 minutes early thanks to the new Legacy Parkway!!), he had the lucky job of bringing the battery back to life.  I have yet to make it to the car wash, but at least the inside of the car is nice and clean!  I know the pictures aren’t super impressive, but here they are anyway.