18 month check-ups

Owen and Emmy saw the doc today for their 18 month well-child checks.  Owen was soooo good and Emmy was a little pill!  Just getting weighed was traumatic for her this time around!  I had Ryan with me and can I just say that I am so happy that preschool starts tomorrow??  He’s driving me nuts today and he wasn’t helping matters at the doctor’s office.  Thankfully, our doctor doesn’t seemed bothered by chaos!

Developmentally, both kiddos are doing well.  Owen’s improvements were fun to report and the doc was pleased with his progress.  However, he’s still having weight issues.  He hasn’t lost weight this time, but he’s not gaining much and his growth chart is showing a downward trend.  For now, we’ll just keep up the high fat/calorie diet and hope that he eventually starts to catch up.

They got one poke each and enjoyed their very first sucker for enduring it as well as they did!

Emmy’s 18 months stats:
24 lbs. 9 oz. 51st %tile
31 inches 18th %tile
47.5 cm head 74th %tile

Owen’s 18 month stats:
21 lbs. 9 oz. 4th %tile
31.5 inches 10th %tile
47 cm head 25th %tile



One Response to “18 month check-ups”

  1. Ann Says:

    I can’t even begin to imagine how you take all 3 to the doctor. I’m glad to hear that everything looks good with the twins. I hope that Owen starts gaining weight better, but if it makes you feel better, he’s still bigger than Halle. She’s a bit of a shrimp.

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