Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

In all honestly, this was a Tackle It Monday for me. Joseph was home due to the holiday yesterday, and he needed this project done and out of his way so that he could move onto other things. I’ve wanted to do this tackle for a while now, but I needed someone home to be with the kids while I worked. 

We’ve had these cabinets for several months, sitting in the garage. We inherited them from my mom when we helped her clean out her basement….she’s had them for as long as I can remember, and they’ve held lots of different things over the years. I knew they’d be perfect for all of the toys that seem to take over my basement on a daily basis, but they were unfinished and I didn’t want to drag them downstairs until they’d been painted, which is why they’ve been in the garage for so many months.

Yesterday I headed out to buy some spray paint in a fun color (which turned out REALLY bright, but it works for the kids!) and spent the afternoon getting on high on spray paint fumes. When they were dry, Joseph heaved them down the stairs for me and I spent some time organizing toys and getting things put back together.

I forgot to take “before” picures, but it’s pretty easy to imagine the toy disaster that existed prior to having this storage in place–your own houses have been there too, I’m sure! Now if I can just train the kids to get one thing out at a time and put it away before they move on to something different!

*Confession:  If you look closely, you can see some spray paint on the carpet under the cabinet on the right.  I noticed a couple of little spots that I missed after we got them in place, so I grabbed the spray paint to touch it up, and stupid me forgot to put a piece of paper or something underneath to catch the overspray.  Oops!  Good thing the carpet down there is ugly and will eventually go the way of the dump!


8 Responses to “Tackle It Tuesday”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    Seriously, when you are done with your house, you can move right on over to mine! This is good insipiration for me

  2. kala tolman Says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous! Have you ever read the Berenstein Bears Messy Room? My favorite part of the whole book is the end where you can see all the labeled boxes in the closet and everything is in its right place. I love this project that you did! I’m a lover of organization, and you do it so beautifully!!!

  3. susieshomemade Says:

    What a great tackle!! My house has been there and it feels so much better when the job is done!

  4. Karen Says:

    Oh how cute! That is a great idea and looks so cute in that color. I thought only I did things like getting paint on the carpet. Oooops.

  5. Karen Says:

    Great tackle. Love that color!

  6. Melissa Diehl Says:

    Those looks like they will definitely come in handy! And I like the fun color!

  7. Em Says:

    Wow, the cabinets look great. You have given them new life!

  8. zollyzoo.com » Tackle It Tuesday Says:

    […] cleaning the car is way down on the priority list.  The extra room in the garage from getting the cabinets out of the way made it much easier for me to contemplate this tackle yesterday. I put the babies […]

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