Preschool started today!  It was just an hour today for orientation, and parents got to stay.  Friday starts the first full day.  Ryan was really excited to go this year.  We opted for the morning class this year, so we were up early to get everyone dressed and fed….I hope I don’t regret that choice later!  We chose a different school this year and I think it will be a better fit for him.  I’m sure he’ll still be a handful for his teachers though!  They seem much more firm than his teacher last year, and he needs someone firm to keep him in line.  He was more cooperative this year for having some pictures taken, but they still aren’t great.  By the time we got to the picture by his backpack, he was done! Because parents were invited to stay, I dropped the babies off at a friend’s house.  Ryan was really sad to see them go, and when we picked them back up later, he was so excited to have them back.  It’s nice to know that, even though he terrorizes them most of the time, he really does love to have them around!


5 Responses to “Preschool!”

  1. Halo Says:

    yay ryan! go, school boy, go!

    i know nate just loves going to school. i think the night of his first day of school he asked “can i go every day?” i told him “not this year, but next year you can go EVERY DAY.”

    ryan sounds like nate with the babies. i have tried a couple of times to leave willow with jeff and take nate somewhere just the two of us. you know, some one-on-one time with mama? every time i have tried nate gets upset. he doesn’t understand why i want to leave willow behind. i ask him if he wants to have some time with just mama. and he says “yes, but with baby willow, too.” so in the last 3 months, i’ve not gone anywhere with just nate despite my best efforts. i’m glad he loves his sister so much, but how am i supposed to give him that special mama attention when he won’t let me?

  2. Melissa Diehl Says:

    my kids started today too. Ethan cried, but Hannah was fine (I put them in separate classes).

  3. kala tolman Says:

    How fun! He looks so big and ready for preschool! I love the different photos you took of him. What a great way to document the beginning of this new adventure!

  4. Shayla Foley Says:

    Wow, what a guy. I’m sure Ryan can be a handful, but don’t you think his charisma and vivacious personality make him a real privelege to have in a preschool?!!! Well, thats what I keep telling myself about my little ones…!

  5. Em Says:

    I can’t believe how grown-up he is getting. The picture by the tree was a great first-day-of-school picture! He looked like he was having a great time. I hope you baked him first-day-of-school cookies!

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