Anybody want to go see Body Worlds with me? Joseph finds the whole thing rather revolting, so he declined my invitation.


5 Responses to “Fascinating”

  1. Joseph Says:

    I didn’t decline… I just was hesitant. So I plan on taking her, soooooo I guess if anyone really wants to come… you need your own date 🙂

  2. EmWJ Says:

    I’d come! But not as a third wheel. But I hope we can go sometime during the exhibit. But then I don’t want to go eat afterwards…

  3. Jenn Says:

    Don’t let him fool you. He declined. Flat out declined. Then I posted this and he felt guilty, so I guess I have myself a reluctant date.

  4. Daniele Says:

    It sounds interesting to me! I saw the ad for it yesterday, but I can’t decide if I’ll be too squeamish or not!

  5. Halo Says:

    i sort of wanted to go when it was in Abq. every time i was there i had nate with me though, and i don’t really think it would have been appropriate for him.

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