Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I almost didn’t get today’s tackle done….I was finding it difficult enough to simply tackle my shower and getting the kids fed! It’s been one of those stressful days when you’re not sure there are enough hours to get everything done that needs doing. Thanks Chelsea for picking up some of the slack for me!!

I tackled a couple more cupboards today. One mainly just needed tidying, but I did want to make room for a few more dishes on a couple of shelves (they are the dishes that I rotate on my hutch as the seasons change, and I wanted to consolidate them in one place). The other cupboard is in a corner and I’ve always felt a little stumped about what to do with it. It’s so deep…the extra space is nice, but it’s not really accessible so I’m not sure what to put there. As I cleaned things out, I realized that for now, I can put practically nothing there! It sure is nice to get rid of things that never get used!




One Response to “Tackle It Tuesday”

  1. BarbaraLee Says:

    i hate corner cupboards & lazy susans. You can’t fit anything in there.

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