Stack of dishtowels?












Nope….loaf of bread.

We had chicken parmesan for dinner last night, so I made breadsticks.  I had enough dough to make a loaf of bread as well, and I covered it in a towel and set it aside to rise.  When it came time to eat, Joseph was helping by clearing things up to make room for the kids to sit at the bar.  Imagine his surprise when the stack of towels he thought he was picking up wound up being my rising loaf of bread!

I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to let it rise again and bake it anyway, and while it didn’t turn into the prettiest loaf of bread, it tasted yummy!


One Response to “Whoops!”

  1. allisonsj Says:

    That’s so funny! It’s always good to have a sense of humor when things like that happen, right?! Homemade bread is so good!

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