Looking for a reaction…and he got it!

Dinner last night. Everybody’s happier when Daddy’s home! At one point, Ryan said “Mommy, Owen’s trying to sign ‘spit’!”. We’ve been working on signing at our house, but spit hasn’t been on my list to teach….guess I need to get on that.
(and for the record, we discovered that the booger was actually a piece of pancake 😉 ).


5 Responses to “Looking for a reaction…and he got it!”

  1. Nat Says:

    Hey there, it’s been awhile since I have commented on here. Those three yahoos are hilarious! I can’t believe how big those twinsters are. I love when kids have a good honest laugh. All I hear upstairs right now is crying non stop!! 😦

  2. Em Says:

    Those are some happy little kids! I haven’t seen Owen be the center of a show like that before—I love it!

  3. emily Says:

    Soo CUTE! I love the one of Ryan too, it makes me feel so much better that it is not just my kids that have melt downs!

  4. Alison Says:

    What a cute video. I can not believe how red owen’s hair is in the top picture. Isn’t it fun to have red heads. Your family is just so cute. Even when they have melt downs. My kids have been into whinning a lot. That drives me crazy.

  5. Jocelyn Says:

    OH MY HECK!! Your kids are so STINKIN CUTE!
    Owen is a CRACK up!
    You are a SUPER MOM in my book for having Twins.
    I have to admit it would be nice to get two babies out of all this throwing up…But then again, maybe not!

    I have to say I LOVE your Tuesday posts. I should really start doing something like that…..Then, I would feel like I HAVE to clean something.

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