Can you say excess?

I was folding laundry today and came to the embarrassing realization that between my 3 small children, we own 25 pair of jeans. Oh my goodness…


7 Responses to “Can you say excess?”

  1. Em Says:

    Oh my goodness is right! However, knowing how you shop, you probably got them all for the price of about 5 pair, so you’re probably okay : )

  2. Mel Says:

    Okay I just watch the video from a while ago with Owen being a comedian….I was laughing pretty hard….what kind of animals are you people raising?

  3. Daniele Says:

    I won’t mock you since people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Logan has 15 pairs of pajamas that currently fit! In my defense at least 4 pairs are shorts, 6 pairs are long sleeve cotton and the rest are fleece and they are in multiple sizes since I bought ahead on sale. Still, it’s absurd!

  4. Dawn Says:

    Yeah, but you’re a bargain shopper, and they’re probably super good quality because they didn’t come from Walmart, so they should be proud purchases!

    (You don’t even want to know about Jayden’s wardrobe…she has at least that many full outfits she’s never worn, hanging in her closet. My mom has an illness.)

  5. Kelsey Says:

    That crackes me up. I am a minimalist when it comes to clothes. I hate laundry.

  6. Cynthia Says:

    Wow! Levi’s wear the best on kids – I don’t really even count the boys other pants when I’m deciding if I need to do laundry – Levi’s are the best.

  7. Shayla Says:

    Disgusting habit you have of dressing your children well…we have holes in about everything we have…but its all cotton. I should convert to jeans, they are more durable anyway.

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