Who knows how to make hairbows?

And will you come teach me how to do it too? Emmy is notorious for pulling one bow out and losing it somewhere in the house or car. It’s always a treat to come upon a long-lost bow that we’d forgotten even existed! We’re down to two sets of bows right now and both are on a clip that are monstrous to get into her hair. I hate them, but given that everything else is lost, I don’t have much choice. I keep my eyes peeled for bows whenever I’m out and about, but the trend seems to be overpriced bows that are only sold individually, meaning that I’d have to pay double the amount to get a pair. (sorry people, I’m not paying $10 for a pair of hairbows). I’ve found some online tutorials for making bows, but none of them are very detailed, so while I have the basic gist of it down, I know there has to be some little tips and tricks out there to make the process faster and easier. I’m not out to make money with this….just save some! Anbody? Anybody?


5 Responses to “Who knows how to make hairbows?”

  1. nykki Says:

    jen… i have a friend who makes them i’m sure we can have her teach you. i’ll bring the ones i have on tuesday and show you.

  2. Ann Says:

    Another great Ryanism! Love that song and I think Ryan is hilarious.

    I’ve made a few hairbows and think it is so fun and easy. I’ve gotten most of my ideas off the internet. One I like is http://www.theribbonretreat.com and click on free how to projects. I think the “korker” ribbons are cute and really fun to make (though a little time consuming). I’ve also made some “pinwheel” hair bows that are outrageously easy. The website for it is now gone, but maybe I can send you a few pictures through email to try and explain it. I have a few pics of the bows on my blog.

  3. Mikelle Says:

    I think bows are pretty easy to make, but I have found some that I really love at Target. You get 4 for about $3 or $4 and at our Target they are in the baby section by the sippy cups–weird placement. You can also buy alligator clips at Sally Beauty Supply and it’s super easy to glue flowers or bows on them, and they seem to stay in pretty well–Addie is a hair puller also though, so they aren’t full proof! Good luck!

  4. Delyn Says:

    I don’t know about bows, but when your daughter’s hair gets longer, here is a blog to check out. There are some cute ideas on there.

  5. Jenn Says:

    I love that blog Delyn! I got the link from another friend a few months ago and we’ve had a lot of fun trying out new things!

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