Win a free handbag!

Not too long ago, I realized that the purse I’ve been carrying just isn’t quite right for my needs.  So, whenever I’m out, I glance at the handbag section of the store to see if anything catches my eye (and my budget).  So far, no luck.  Hopefully my search will end soon–I heard today about a handbag giveaway going on over at Handbag Planet. They are giving away one handbag every hour for 24 hours on the day of their big launch, October 15th. Entering is simple–just provide your name and email address–and they even let you choose the bag you want to win! Head on over to check it out….who couldn’t use a new handbag for FREE?!?


One Response to “Win a free handbag!”

  1. Marianne Says:

    So how did you come across this, Jenn? I signed up and went to import some email addresses to get additional entries by passing the word along when suddenly I realized….I’m typing my email password into a random website that I really know nothing about….yikes! Hopefully I haven’t just been phished….

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