Bunk Beds!

When I knew that the time was coming soon for Ryan to move into a big boy bed, I found a bunkbed on craigslist. It was white, which was too girly for my taste, so I decided that I’d paint it to match his room. I figured I had plenty of time to get the project done, but then Joseph got a new job and we decided to sell our house and move. I didn’t want to move somewhere, put the crib up, and then take it down soon after, so I hurried to paint the bottom bed so that we could set it up in the new house as soon as we moved…and forgot all about the rest of the bed. Now that we are looking ahead to the time that the babies will move out of their cribs (not for a while, but I’m a planner!), I asked Joseph to put the top bunk up so that I could get a feel for whether or not I felt that there was enough room to keep the boys in the small room. Moving the boys into big room means painting walls (at least the blue wall in the room Emmy would have) and I didn’t want to bother with that. He got the bed up last weekend and Ryan was so excited to get to sleep on the top bed. We set forth some rules for him to be able to sleep on top, and after just a few days, he’s back on the bottom (who’s surprised, really?). It’s better that way for now, as Owen was rather proficient at climbing the ladder and getting stuck at the top, but it was fun while it lasted! We plan to take the front rails off of the cribs about the time that the babies turn 2, and then we’ll hopefully have enough saved to buy a bed for Emmy next summer and make all the room changes. I can hardly wait to find out what kind of trouble the boys will manage to get into once they share a room!

Notice the candy cane paint job (how could you not)? Hopefully I muster up the energy to finish painting the rest of the bed soon!


8 Responses to “Bunk Beds!”

  1. Mel Says:

    The paint is festive….I would like to start looking for bunk beds. It is hard to believe how fast babies turn into toddlers. Kind of scary.

  2. Daniele Says:

    Too cute! Given Logan’s issue with falling out of bed lately I don’t think we’ll be ready for bunk beds here until high school!

    Since we’re in the midst of painting our entire house and not yet living in it, I can totally understand why you wouldn’t want to undertake that task while living there!!

  3. allisonsj Says:

    You always decorate things so cute! I love seeing the ideas that you turn into reality!

  4. Mikelle Says:

    I love the beds. Spencer’s room in AZ was that same color of blue and I loved it!! I did it differently here and I totally regret it!! It’s such a great color!

  5. Cynthia Says:

    You are brave – Garrett tells me that he slept on a bunk at Jonathan’s age, but I just think he’ll get killed – What are your rules? When Jacob leaves the crib, I’m afraid it will be bunk bed time…

  6. Em Says:

    Bunk beds are fun–why didn’t we ever have bunk beds?

    Is Emmy’s hair really getting that long, or were those just shadows?

    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

  7. Marianne Says:

    Aww, you don’t like the candy cane look? 🙂 Bunkbeds scare me to death. They do look cute, though. You have a knack for decorating–wish I had it!!!

  8. zollyzoo.com » Setting the record straight! Says:

    […] to believe that we are moving. We’re not! I went through some old posts last night I think this one is the culprit….let me clarify that I was talking about a couple of years ago when we were […]

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