Happy Birthday Joseph!!

The theme of the day at our house is “30” in honor of Joseph’s birthday. So, here are 30 things that I love and appreciate about him!

1. The long hours you put in at work to provide for your family
2. The way our kids light up when you walk in the door each night
3. The way you go along with all of my crazy home improvement ideas and manage to pull them off just the way I’ve imagined them in my head
4. The witty comments that you come up with on the fly
5. Your ability to make people laugh
6. Your math skills….our kids will be grateful that mom won’t have to help them with math homework one day
7. Your work ethic….no matter what the job, you give 110% to make sure it gets done right
8. Your relationship with your sisters….I’m so lucky to have a guy who was trained well to treat a girl right
9. Your relationship with your parents….how great it is that you can trust them with anything
10. Your relationship with my family….you fit in perfectly
11. Your loyalty to your friends….I love that you can call any one of them up and pick up right where you left off, even when it’s been a long time since you’ve talked to them.
12. Your willingness to do the dirty jobs
13. The fact that you’ll eat just about anything….a picky girl like me appreciates so much when I can slide the things I don’t like onto your plate
14. The silly songs you make up
15. The initiative you take in making sure that we have scripture study and family prayer every day
16. Your skills in being able to fix the cars and do home repairs….you’ve saved us lots of money over the years
17. The enthusiastic way you talk about your job, even when I’m staring at you with a glazed look on my face because I don’t understand anything you’re saying
18. Your willingness to help out around the house
19. The knowledge you have of the gospel….you’ve taught me so much
20. Your ability to wake up long before the crack of dawn to get to the gym everyday
21. The void you fill when you get home from work each day….everyone is happier when daddy is home
22. The way you always clean up after I’ve made dinner
23. Your ability to make friends quickly
24. The way you crack under pressure when I want you to divulge a secret or surprise you have planned for me
25. Your willingness to let me have a break from the kids from time to time to do something with my friends
26. The little gap in your top front teeth and the crooked row on the bottom
27. Your excitement to spend time with your boys and teach them new things
28. Your weakness when it comes to buying things for your little girl
29. Your willingness to scratch my back, even when I claim to be too wimpy to return the favor
30. The way you love me, in spite of all my imperfections

I hope today is a memorable one for you–we all love you so much and can’t imagine how dull life would be without you!!


6 Responses to “Happy Birthday Joseph!!”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Thank you dear! You’ve made it a grand day!

  2. Teresa Says:

    oh how fun! what a cute/good wife you are!

  3. Zach & Natalie Says:

    Hey, Old Guy! Happy Birthday! There are a few things Jen mentioned in her 30 things that we can say Amen to. You’re a great friend, and everybody can be themselves around you – that’s a wonderful gift. Thanks for your friendship the past however-many years. We hope your birthday has been a special one.

  4. Halo Says:

    happy, happy 30th birthday Joseph. welcome to the over 30 crowd (some of us have been here a while, but it’s a pretty cool place to be anyway).

    and thanks for taking such good care of my dear friend Jenn and your babies.

    we love you all.

  5. Carla Says:

    Jenn- Thanks for loving my little brother so much. He is pretty amazing…but he’d be a total mess with out you. And I’m glad you liked the latest Aston book.

  6. Kala Tolman Says:

    What a nice dedication Jenn! Happy Big Day, you OLD man Joe!!! Holy cow, sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday that we were in Junior High. My, how time flies!

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