The bishop has asked me to teach the 5th Sunday combined YM/YW lesson this month. He wants me to focus on the dress and grooming section in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. I’m sure that I can yap my trap about that long enough to fill the time, but I’d really like to come up with something more engaging….something that will put a fun spin on a principle that the youth have heard time and time again. So, put on your thinking caps and throw out some ideas for me!


3 Responses to “Ack!”

  1. EmWJ Says:

    This might be too boring, but I found it fascinating and it might be interesting to go in the direction of the history:

  2. allisonsj Says:

    Elaine S. Dalton had a great talk during Conference on “returning to virtue”. That might help in the “informational” side of your lesson.
    Have a panel of college age (RM for boys) kids – the kids can ask questions, the college age people can talk about what they admire in the opposite sex….i.e. modesty, clean appearances, etc….

  3. Mandy Bradshaw Says:

    Our ward did a lesson on this, and we used barbie and Ken to illustrate examples of good and bad dress. The kids really loved it and it really did illustrate the point without being preachy. And you know Barbie has a lot of outfits that wouldn’t be appropriate at a youth activity. We used Ken and had baggy pants and dry erase markers to color his hair weird colors etc…

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