Not even Twilight could compete with this!

Move over Edward! You don’t hold a candle to a giant, blow-up pig with glowing red eyes and kangaroo ears. Sound random? It totally is. But isn’t that what Pink Floyd is all about? For Joseph’s birthday, I bought him tickets to Australian Pink Floyd, featuring The Wall. Pink Floyd is at the top of Joseph’s all-time favorite bands and given that he’ll never get the chance to see the actual group, the Aussie’s are the next best thing. We went to their Dark Side of the Moon show a few years ago and had a lot of fun, so he was really looking forward to seeing them play again. I had an invite to see a pre-premier of Twilight at the same time as the concert, and while I do want to see the movie, I wasn’t too disappointed that I couldn’t go…I was excited for the concert! I enjoy the music, but the real fun was seeing Joseph so excited! And an extra perk was seeing how crazy people got as they downed more and more beer….the crowd was quite entertaining by the end of the night! We had a great time and Joseph is still trying to get his voice back from all the singing and yelling he did!


2 Responses to “Not even Twilight could compete with this!”

  1. Teresa Says:

    we love rock concerts too!!! We have been to quite a few good ones, my husband would have loved pink floyd, we’ll all have to go to a good one together sometime!

  2. Cynthia Says:

    You’re the greatest wife. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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